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6 Ways to Win More Deals with Clari’s Connected Revenue Ecosystem

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Six months ago we launched the Clari Connected Revenue Ecosystem with some of the best in breed sales and marketing technology platforms for B2B teams. Why should you care about another ecosystem or partnership?

The reason is simple, you have a ton of technologies in your stack, and yes, many of them integrate in some way, probably into Salesforce or a BI tool. But integrations don’t equate to sanity, and data can still live in silos across many different platforms and formats that are difficult to reconcile without a major effort. (Or you are just stuck still using excel.)

Clari’s Connected Revenue Ecosystem goes beyond that. It serves as a single source of truth for your revenue teams to have complete visibility into how each of these systems is contributing to your ability to win more deals.

So, to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of our Clari Connected Revenue Ecosystem, we’re sharing the top 6 ways it’s benefiting our customers.

#1 Get visibility into marketing campaigns

Historically, reps lived in CRM and marketing lived in the giant martech landscape. Sure, some of that data found its way into CRM, but god help you to find it and make sense of it.

Clari’s integration with Marketing Automation platforms, like Marketo, lets the left-hand know what the right hand is doing. Or in this case, sales can see what marketing is doing after the lead is passed to a rep — because the fun usually doesn’t end with the handoff.

By integrating marketing activities in Clari, reps can see if new contacts on the opportunity register for a webinar, engage with an email campaign or attend a field event. Now sales has a clear view when new interactions occur, and they can work with marketing, the SDR team and leadership to capitalize on new potential champions.

Read more about the Marketo/Clari integration here.

#2 Engage with those new contacts

So in the above example, you found new contacts who have had a taste of your company. Do you just call them up and pitch them? Probably not. Instead, you might start a cadence using Outreach, Salesloft, or Yesware, sending emails and LinkedIn messages to them to educate them on how to become your next influencer or champion within the company. In Clari, you can track if these new contacts are engaging with your emails or social messages — a good indication you are building more influence.

Another way to build influence is with a gift. With platforms like Sendoso and PFL, reps can send personalized gifts and track when that gift has been received, then optimize your next touchpoint based on that visit from Santa any time of year.

See these integrations in action here:

#3 Use and track content wisely

Whether you have a dedicated content team, a prolific product marketing org, or a substantial amount of sales collateral, chances are you have a lot of content at your disposal in the form of blogs, ebooks, infographics, case studies, videos and more.

This content isn't just to get people to fill in a form, it's there to help you, the rep, education your prospects.

But finding and using all that content can be a chore, and knowing if it has been read and digested can be a fool’s errand — or is it? Platforms like Highspot, Showpad or Seismic, not only helps you contextualize which content is ideal to share at different stages of the funnel with different personas, but also shows if the prospect engaged with the content.

Clari’s integration allows you to track this content engagement within your deal so you know if your economic buyer actually went back and took another look at the deck you presented and spent hours working on. What a relief! This visibility in context with all of your other sales activities gives you and your manager a complete view of the buyers journey to date, and decide what are the next best actions to take to keep your prospect engaged. Research has shown that more engaged prospects close at much higher rates.

Get a closer look at how these integrations work with Clari:

#4 Listen to web visitors

In the modern age, even with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and more, your website is still your homebase. As it turns out, people might have questions about something they are reading right now on your website. But you, the rep, can’t read their minds — try as you might. You probably don’t even know they are there.

Luckily, your marketing team runs a great website and have integrated Drift or Intercom —and their automated chatbot is actually talking to your prospect about your product for you. It might even be potentially offering up answers or more content to help with their needs. With Clari’s integration, these conversations get recorded and associated with the relevant opportunity, so you know that your prospect was on your site asking questions. If these are new contacts within the account, you can follow up to ensure they have all the information they need, or offer more if needed, in alignment with your conversations with the prospect organization.

Take a look at these Clari integration use cases:

#5 Recall call recordings during coaching moments

Yes, part of a sales cycle still involves talking to someone live. End of the month you are calling their cell phone to finalize terms. Your boss is breathing down your neck. Are things going sideways? You want to show your boss you are doing everything right. With Dialpad or Ringcentral, Clari can log those calls directly into your opportunity, showing you are doing the activity needed to close that deal.

And then you get them on the phone and you say thank god! But sometimes, the prospects gets you tongue tied with a tough question. How you handle that may or may not be the end of the world, but what is important is that you learn from the experience. With Gong or Chorus, your call has been recorded and you and your manager can go back, listen to the call, and discuss the best way to fix the issue, or just coach you into the next deal cycle so you don’t make the same mistake twice. With links to the call recordings in Clari, reps and managers can listen together in their 1:1s, enabling better coaching moments for continuous rep improvement.

For more information on these Clari integrations, read on:

#6 Identify previously unidentifiable contacts

We all know the average B2B buying cycle has too many people involved. Which means sometimes your prospect invites everyone to your meeting. Maybe they are all on the calendar or in the follow up email. But you were so busy presenting and answering questions, you didn't write down names and titles. And you don’t have time to manually enter them into Salesforce.

Clari AutoCapture will do part of the work for you, checking your calendar and email to find those missing people and associating them with the proper opportunity. Then Clari’s integration with the data wizards at DiscoverOrg will take those new contacts and add key information, like title, location and phone number. So at the end of the quarter, you have all the information you need on those buyers to get the deal done.

Learn more about DiscoverOrg and Clari’s integration features.

Bringing the Connected Revenue Ecosystem Together

What does this all mean to you, Mr. Sales Exec? In short, by connecting many of the tools that you and the rest of your revenue operations team uses into the Clari Time Series Data Hub, Clari can enable you to make sense of what’s happening in a deal in a single pane of glass. No more trying to run reports in Salesforce. No more PowerPoints from marketing showing what they did for you. Just the facts, Jack.

Want to see some of this in action? Check out our upcoming webinar with Salesloft and Highspot where we conquer The Top 5 Blind Spots in your Buyers Journey and how to fix them.