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This story originally appeared on the Highspot blog.

Today's winning sales teams know that the buyer has changed. Buyers expect customized experiences and prioritize vendors who empower them with valuable information, not sell to them with generic pitches. Successful sales teams also know that delivering an effective, personalized buyer experience requires actionable analytics around buyer engagement and sales activity data. This is modern selling—using data-driven insights to adapt to buyer behavior and predictably grow revenue.

Highspot integration with Clari enhances revenue processes, analytics

Our friends at Clari share our view of what it takes to succeed in sales today. That's why we've teamed up to integrate Highspot into Clari's connected revenue operations platform. Building on Highspot Everywhere, which focuses on adding value to sellers and marketers no matter where they work, the combination of Highspot and Clari delivers a single workstream for managing and enabling modern selling. Together, we're empowering marketing, sales enablement, sales operations, and sales performance management teams to effectively collaborate on the fastest, most predictable path to revenue.

Now, customers can see Highspot activity natively in Clari's connected revenue operations platform, providing full visibility into prospect engagement at every opportunity. Combining Highspot and Clari activity data, sales and marketing leaders can accurately make sense of a broad range of activity signals that influence revenue and optimize their strategy accordingly.

Screenshot of Clari report showing Highspot activity

Highspot and Clari give sales leaders and their teams real intelligence into what impacts revenue and accelerates deals. Our new integration makes it easy to correlate sales activity in Highspot, including how many times reps pitch content to prospects with opportunity progress in Clari. This combination gives reps a comprehensive picture of deal progress through content engagement metrics, from the time prospects spend on an asset or asset page to how many times a prospect shared the content. Additionally, these analytics give reps' managers greater visibility into overall deal health so they can guide reps on where to focus and actively support deal progression. The end result is actionable insight that maximizes sales efficiency and ensures accurate, comprehensive forecasting.

This new integration also helps marketing leaders by giving them a deeper understanding of how, and which, content impacts revenue. These analytics maximize marketing investments by informing everything from resource decisions to overall content strategy. Most importantly, the combination of Highspot and Clari unifies sales and marketing on a single view of what's working, what's not, and how to improve together. Marketing gains insight into their impact on sales operations and performance management metrics, while sales can have data-driven conversations with marketing about what content works and what content they need to engage buyers.

Continuing Highspot's commitment to best-in-class customer experience

Working with Clari continues our commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience through best-of-breed partners. Our integration pairs the highest customer-rated solutions on G2 Crowd in our respective sales enablement and sales analytics categories. Customers can be confident that they're using the best solutions and enjoy a rapid return on investment through the rich knowledge base of our many existing customers.