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6 Ways to Run Revenue.

Consolidate on Clari.

No platform fees.
Complimentary premier customer support package.
Fully implemented in 8 weeks.

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448% ROI via Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Hours Saved
Improvement in Win Rate
Faster Deal Cycles
Increase in engagement & net dollar retention
Reduction in rep training onboarding time

Mix-and-Match on Clari

No Platform Fee • Scales By User • Premier Customer Support Package Included • Start Anywhere • Upgrade Later

Clari Foundation Included with all Products (No Platform Fee)
Out of the Box
  • No more manual entry - Automated Capture of Activity & Relationship Intelligence
  • Instant time to value - Dashboards, Analytics, Reporting
  • Secure & customizable - Single Sign-On, Self-Serve Admin
  • Fully integrated - CRM Connector + integration with revenue critical tooling
  • Fully customizable - Unlimited # of Fields (vs. restricted by CRM)
  • Fully captured - Clari RevDB with bi-directional sync, time-series snapshotting
Expertise & Support
  • Deep Clari support - Premier Success included
  • Deep Clari ML / AI - AI Deal Scoring, AI-Driven Forecasting, RevAI workflow boosters
  • Revenue Best Practices - RevCadences, Clari University, certifications, in-app guidance
Clari Modules   Most Popular
1. Inspect
Manage Deals, Accounts, Reps, Teams
  • Opportunities, Accounts, Reps, Teams
  • Pipeline Analytics (Flow + Waterfall + Funnel)
2. Groove by Clari
Engage Prospects & Buyers at Scale
  • Groove Core (Activity Capture, Scheduler, Email Templates, Omnibar Extension)
  • Groove Flow (Actions, Automations, Sequences)
  • Groove Dialer + SMS
3. Align
Accelerate Buyer / Seller Deal Cycles
  • Mutual Action Plans (+ Collaborative Workspaces in 2024)
4. Copilot
Coach Reps with Insights & Alerts
  • Call Recording & Coaching (Transcription, Keywords, Battlecards, Summaries)
  • Enterprise Functionality
5. Forecast (requires Inspect)
Predict & Influence Your Number
  • Flexible Forecasting (Opps, Accounts, Teams, Products, RevModels, etc.)
  • Predictive Analytics (Trend + Pulse)
6. Capture
Write All Data Back to CRM
  • Automatic Writeback to CRM (Contacts, Cal/Email Activity, etc.)

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Clari Delivers ROI in 5 Ways

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Clari lets me run revenue with confidence. The platform has adapted and grown with our business, and the information I need is always at my fingertips.

Headshot photograph of Dan FitzSimons, CRO at PureStorage
Dan FitzSimons
CRO, PureStorage

Clari delivers the full-scale alignment our revenue team needs to go forth and achieve our long-term growth strategy.

Headshot photograph of Pilar Schenk, COO at Cisco Global Security & Collaboration
Pilar Schenk
COO, Cisco Global Security & Collaboration

Clari provides the most complete view of my business I’ve ever had available in one place. Being able to talk about the business up and down the organization in a consistent way has given clarity and insight to what I previously couldn’t provide.

Headshot photograph of John Moore, VP of Sales at Kofax
John Moore
VP of Sales, Kofax

At this point, I couldn't see running our business without Clari.

Headshot photograph of Greg Henry, CFO at Couchbase
Greg Henry
CFO, Couchbase

Clari is the platform I use most every day besides email and Slack.

Headshot photograph of Thomas Hansen, President at Amplitude
Thomas Hansen
President, Amplitude
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Hear from our customers

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    Clari alleviates reps at Zoom from manual data entry, freeing up more time to sell.

  • Certinia logo overlapping a photograph of Certinia office building

    Learn how Certinia wins 9% more often and 15% faster in EMEA with Clari.

  • Photograph of Ed McQuiston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyland and Laura Wille, Director of Marketing at Clari

    Hear how Ed McQuiston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, reports to the board using Clari.

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Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours.