Maximize Revenue Performance at Every Moment, at Every Level

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Boost revenue precision and potential—from frontline to boardroom

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Get every ounce of value from your CRM

Slash admin time by nearly 70%

Are your reps still wasting time CRM-ing, without the benefit of knowing where deals really stand? Don't just automate your CRM. Elevate it. Clari automatically captures every email, contact, meeting, download, and interaction in one place. Then cleans and enriches that data, and associates it with the right contacts and opportunities. The result? Synced teams, focused efforts, streamlined selling, and CRM adoption.

"Clari helps us improve our data quality. The better our data is, the better our conversations and coaching sessions are at every level—from managers and reps all the way up to our executive team."

Matthew Schwartz, VP of Sales Operations at Fortinet
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Turn reps into quota crushers

Reimagine your approach to sales with a complete view into your business that goes way beyond CRM. When you know where deals actually stand, you can focus more on progressing pipeline and less on chasing down status updates. With real-time coaching in revenue-critical moments and collaborative plans that provide a clear path forward, every seller can understand what sales success looks like, how they can hit it, and, best of all—how to repeat it over and over again.

"Clari provides the most complete view of my business I’ve ever had available in one place."

John Moore, VP of Sales at Kofax
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Improve forecasting accuracy to drive revenue precision

95%+ forecast accuracy by week 3 of the quarter

Toss out the guesswork, spreadsheets, and what you think forecasting is. Old methods don't work in today's market. You need a forecasting solution that helps you accurately identify risk so you can execute your plan to quota. Clari enables you to unite rep input, historical performance across stages and segments, deal context, and purpose-built predictions in one view. Because forecasting shouldn't be just a bottoms-up numbers exercise sellers throw together at the last minute. Instead, it should be a proactive guide that provides the predictability you need to combat today's uncertainty.

"We use Clari to have more intelligent forecast conversations, especially when we look further out. By looking at historical trends, we can extrapolate where we'll be going forward. We don't have a crystal ball, but we have Clari."

Jules Gsell, RVP of Growth and Start-Up Sales Orgs at Databricks
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Protect and expand your customer base

40% increase in committed revenue after using Clari for one year

The most dependable way to boost growth is through your existing customer base. Comprehensive account-based forecasting and scoring keep you ahead of customer churn, while mutual action plans align you and your customer from onboarding onward. Grow your business organically and easily manage the entire revenue lifecycle all in one place—so everyone keeps the customer front and center.

"At 6sense, customer success is central to generating recurring revenue. To drive smooth renewals, we needed the visibility, predictability, and alignment that Clari provides. Today, we can better deliver mutual value to our company and customers."

Jeannine Crispino, VP of Customer Success at 6sense

Take your strategy to the next level

Clari helps you answer the toughest question in business: Will you meet, beat, or miss on revenue? We aren't talking about your typical BI tool built for anything—Clari's purpose-built revenue analytics provide complete visibility into historical performance, current pipeline health, and future quarter projections—with extreme accuracy. So you can answer revenue-critical questions and pull the right levers to thrive in today's economy.

"Clari gives us the visibility to confidently inform our operating plans two, three, four quarters ahead. It is the linchpin of accurate revenue predictions, which is critical for any publicly-traded company. There are no excuses in the big leagues."

Joe Vitalone, CRO at Extreme Networks
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Unlock sales success with real-time coaching

Experience unparalleled real-time coaching that propels your sales team in revenue-critical moments. Your sales teams will have invaluable insights and guidance exactly when they need it, helping them close deals with unwavering confidence. What else? Streamline your revenue workflows using RevGPT and let your sales team win every revenue moment.

With Clari Copilot, you can automate the more reactive parts of your day and focus on strategic activities that drive revenue growth.

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