Faster Renewals and Bigger Upsells

Increase renewals, forecast churn to track your progress against recurring revenue goals, and ensure your team focuses on the right accounts.

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Prevent churn before it's too late

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Easily spot churn risk and renewal opportunities

Instantly spot how renewals are tracking with visibility into activity analytics, stakeholder engagement, and opportunity scoring. Monitor key account health metrics and quickly act on risk and momentum indicators to minimize churn and grow recurring revenue.

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Accurately forecast retention and expansion

Forecast renewals, expansions, and churn across all segments to help you hit retention targets. A standardized process creates predictability, so you can confidently estimate revenue targets and sharpen your retention and expansion strategy.

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Clari reduces revenue leak by 5-10%

Use complete visibility into account activity and engagement to stay ahead of churn risk, meet your net dollar retention goals, and increase expansion targets—while keeping revenue leak at a minimum.

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6sense reduces renewal risk to retain and expand customers

Learn how 6sense uses Clari to curb churn, proactively plan for renewals, and gauge expansion readiness.

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Decrease the number of missed opportunities.