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DiscoverOrg and Clari Team Up for More Complete Contact Data

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We are excited to bring together two of the most important technologies in the contact data space—Clari and DiscoverOrg—to give companies deeper visibility into the people with whom they engage.

Why did DiscoverOrg and Clari team up?

Research done by Clari uncovered the not-so-startling fact that 70% of the contacts with whom sales and customer success teams engage over email and meetings are not logged in CRM systems. Why? Because no one has time to manually enter data. The result is that a staggering amount of critical engagement data does not get recorded, creating blind spots for the entire revenue operations team.

Let's take two different examples.

Scenario 1: Your sales team engages with a prospect at a large enterprise account. You've been meeting and emailing 10 decision makers for months. And you lose the deal. That stinks. But in the world of business, you will almost always have a second chance to try and win.

Fast-forward six months later: Your marketing team wants to run an ABM win-back campaign, but you put just 3 of those 10 people in the CRM (it's OK—you were busy), and only one is a contact role on the opportunity, meaning only one person gets contacted. The other nine warm contacts never hear from you.

Swing and miss!

But it could have happened very differently.

Scenario 2: Clari Autocapture automatically finds all 10 people that engaged during the sales cycle and ensures that all 10 are created as contacts on the account in CRM. Better yet: With the new integration between Clari and DiscoverOrg, when that new contact is harvested and created, it's augmented by DiscoverOrg's marketing and sales intelligence, enriched with additional information such as title, email address, etc. Clari's Autocapture then tags all 10 people on opportunity contact roles. Now you have everything you need—from accurate, direct contact information to critical insights—so you can continue to nurture them or contact them again later.

Now when marketing wants to run a "wake the dead" campaign, they can target everyone who was previously engaged on a given deal. And since DiscoverOrg's data is verified every 90 days at most, you'll know who is still with the company and who has moved on. You'll also have everyone's reporting hierarchy, thanks to up-to-date org charts.

And this was just one example. There are many other scenarios where complete contact data, automatically harvested and associated with the right accounts and opportunities, can drive more effective nurturing and help marketing connect the docs for better campaign attribution.