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AI Insights, Amplified: How the Chorus.ai and Clari Partnership Benefits Revenue Teams


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AI Insights, Amplified: How the Chorus.ai and Clari Partnership Benefits Revenue Teams

This story first appeared on the Chorus.ai blog.

As any revenue leader knows, you put your best foot forward and then as the end of the quarter comes nearer, you have to get laser-focused on which deals are at risk (and therefore may need your attention), where your reps may have “happy ears,” where you might get lucky (bluebird, anyone?), and ultimately, what number you can promise with confidence. This is where Clari comes into play. Hundreds of revenue teams use Clari every day to improve their forecasts, focus on the right deals and identify where risk and opportunity exist in the pipeline through better visibility and accountability.

But... until now, Clari did not provide direct visibility into what was being said in the meetings for each deal — by the prospect, and by the rep. The voice of the customer is a key leading indicator of how your deal is progressing and how likely it is to close on time. With the new integration between Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform and Chorus.ai’s Conversation Intelligence Platform, revenue teams now have complete visibility into every word said in a deal process.

Real-Time Conversation Intelligence Data Means Better Decisions

Many of the key insights that the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform collects and surfaces from sales calls, including who attended a call, whether competitors were mentioned, what topics were discussed, and more, can now be viewed in Clari’s Opportunity Management grid in real-time. You can even access the Chorus.ai link to a call recording from the deal activity panel.

Here’s a quick look at how Chorus.ai data appears in Clari’s deal insights view:

Chorus.ai and Clari integration

Run More Effective 1:1’s and Team Film Reviews

Leverage this powerful integration of the two platforms to effectively review your pipeline - in a group setting or in 1-on-1s. Use Clari to go deal by deal and click through to the last Chorus meeting to find what the AI surfaced as “Next Steps” or “Deal Risks”.

Listen to these key moments together and use that to inform your forecast or help your rep. Where necessary, join the next call to add firepower or get other functions to help your rep. With the Clari and Chorus.ai integration you now have a more firm grip over your deals than ever before.

What’s Next

Chorus.ai and Clari will continue to work on the integration to make it more powerful for sales managers and leaders. Our companies have a shared goal of helping leading revenue teams use the power of AI to optimize their operations, predict outcomes, and drive sales results. As next steps, we will work towards making more AI-surfaced insights from Chorus directly available in Clari dashboards.

Let Us Know What You Think

To learn more about Conversation Intelligence, visit the Chorus.ai website. Also read our recent State of Conversation Intelligence Report for Q1 2019.

Chorus.ai customers who aren’t familiar with Clari’s platform, consider checking it out to see if it might be a fit for your organization. It could be the solution you’ve been seeking to make your revenue operations more connected, efficient and predictable.

And for those of you who are now viewing Chorus.ai data in Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations Platform, let us know about your experience by emailing products@chorus.ai. We want to hear how the new data integration is helping your revenue teams work faster — and more effectively — together.

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