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Syncing in Harmony: Outreach and Clari Integration is now LIVE!


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Syncing in Harmony: Outreach and Clari Integration is now LIVE!

This story originally appeared on the Outreach blog.

On the sales floor, it’s common to hear the sounds of SDRs and AEs talking to prospects, or customer success teams helping customers take flight. But without the right data available at the right time, these teams are often orchestrating efforts in the dark, guessing which notes are hitting their mark with customers and which will fall flat. Without any data or insights, successes are like one-hit wonders rather than repeatable and scalable best practices.

Hit Platinum with Our Integrations

The good news: our recent partnership with Clari changes the game. Part of Outreach’s Galaxy launch, our new integration with Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform gives sales, marketing and customer success teams a panoramic view of prospect engagements to see which are most likely to go platinum: driving more closed deals and optimizing the customer journey.

Encompassing email and email tracking, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, Outreach meetings, and much more, this integration enables reps and managers to have full visibility within Clari for total transparency into what engagement strategies worked, which didn’t, and which have yet to be used. With this single pane of glass, sales reps are able to seamlessly take over prospects from SDRs to gauge best next steps, and sales leaders are able to better forecast, inspect their pipeline, and manage deals to close.

Forecast, Manage, and Diagnose with Data

This integration also gives team leaders and managers a quick snapshot into each opportunity’s health and engagement cadence. For instance, with call data synced into Clari, managers can see which reps are making calls to prospects at the right time to drive better adoption of Outreach, or they can compare LinkedIn activity against email to see how social drives deals against traditional email.

Harmonizing SDR and Revenue Operations Teams

If you’ve been imagining a world where your SDR and revenue operations teams are working from a single sheet of music to know how to engage and when, Outreach’s new integration with Clari delivers serious team harmonization. Reps will be able to see every touch the SDR has already made with each prospect to facilitate seamless handoffs, and marketing leaders can view which leads SDRs are pursuing in Outreach, engagement levels, and the most successful tactics. Outreach and Clari’s integration allows teams to re-engage prospects and provide wrap around touchpoints to maximize contacts for each opportunity.

We’re excited to continue investing in the power of Outreach Galaxy that offers One Application, Any Action to enable all customer-obsessed teams to deliver the best engagements to close their deals. For more info on our partnership with Clari, read more here, and then head over to Clari for more info on their latest offerings.

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