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This post originally appeared on the Dialpad blog.

Over the past year, Dialpad has been on a listening tour of sorts, meeting with sales leaders from organizations of all sizes to understand how their teams work and communicate. A few common themes came up in almost every meeting:

  • Teams are required to use too many technology platforms during the workday (an average of 6, to be exact)
  • Sales management feels frustration with the time it takes to adequately ramp sales reps
  • Inaccurate forecasting is a quarterly wild card

It became clear to us that what differentiates companies with high-performing sales teams from those that struggle is really simple. It comes down to smarter communications and simplified solutions.

Fast forward to this May, when we recently launched Dialpad Sell, which allows sales and account management teams to communicate with prospects and customers via talk, chat, and online meetings on one unified platform. Additionally, we've built in native AI-driven Voice Intelligence (Vi™) to provide real-time insights and post-call coaching to each interaction to help reps ramp more quickly and ensure that they always have the right information exactly when they need it.

And that is why we are so excited for our new integration with Clari's connected revenue operations platform.

We see Clari as a natural extension of our platform for modern sales organizations. By bringing together activity signals from a company's entire sales stack, reps, managers, and the entire revenue operations team have a single-pane view of what's happening with their accounts.

Screenshot of Clari report showing Dialpad activity for a sales opportunity

With Dialpad Sell, not only can you see call activity alongside every other sales and marketing signal, but you can also listen to recordings, read call transcripts, and have Voice Intelligence at your fingertips to better understand what sales tactics and techniques are most effective.

For example, when a rep can easily see that a prospect recently watched a webinar, read a blog post, and subscribed to the newsletter, the rep can tailor their next call by discussing topics that the prospect has indicated are most relevant.

A common best practice is to listen to your own calls and those of your colleagues. With Clari + Dialpad, you can now see all calls in the broader context of the buyer's journey. This helps reps close more deals and better learn from the ones they don't.

Selling is a team sport, and data helps teams win. With all of the sales and customer engagement activity data, including signals from Dialpad living in Clari, teams will have the data they need to win more.