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Financial Products & Services

How deals get done.

You know your CRM isn't enough. And no one wants to log into 10 different tools to run deal cycles either. Clari is the all-in-one platform designed to bring together your disparate data, orchestrate workflows, and automate data entry, so you can achieve and sustain revenue growth.

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Clari for Financial Services.

Clari's Revenue Platform allows you to move beyond CRM to activate your growth strategies—whether that's digital transformation, adapting to market and regulatory shifts, or expanding to new service lines—so you can execute with confidence and achieve unmatched performance.

Winning with Clari: Platform Overview for Financial Products and Services

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platforms connects fragmented data to reimagine and power improved revenue workflows

Platform Overview

The Revenue Platform built to drive growth.

Unlock more growth for your business with clean, consistent data, process automation, standardized workflows, and total visibility across your organization. With Clari, your teams can execute efficiently and achieve unrivaled levels of performance.

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Pipeline Management

Be confident in the health of your pipeline.

Achieve greater confidence with more effective planning and timely action. Clari equips financial services companies with a thorough, real-time understanding of their pipeline in current and future quarters—where coverage gaps exist, which numbers to trust, when to investigate further, and how to adjust to close more business.

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Account Engagement

Better visibility that fosters deeper relationships.

Better understand how to focus your relationship managers to win more deals while there is still time to act. Clari empowers business leaders and deal teams with the ability to monitor activity, and inactivity, across all opportunities and accounts to better coordinate, foster healthier relationships, and take action when it matters most.

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Time-Saving Automation

Full transparency across teams. Automated.

Boost your team's efficiency and maximize the ROI of your tools by eliminating manual data entry with automated updates to your CRM. Clari easily streamlines your workflows by auto-syncing and analyzing deal activity (calls, emails, contacts, etc.), leading to more complete, accurate data, and more time to spend with clients and prospects.

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Forecasting with Clari ensures all team members are on the same page

Sales Forecasting

Effortlessly forecast with confidence.

Turn your forecasts into fact by moving beyond guesswork and intuition with AI insights and unprecedented visibility. Experience newfound accuracy and foresight using a consistent, automated, and easy-to-adopt forecasting solution used by the world’s most successful companies. What’s more, forecasting with Clari is robust and agile enough to handle any number of business or service lines.

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Learn how Clari helps your whole organization execute



Continue exploring how Clari helps your entire sales organization modernize its workflows to outperform.

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Revenue Operations

Achieve greater visibility, process buy-in, and operational excellence among all your go-to-market operations.

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Equip finance teams with greater foresight and accuracy leading to better planning, forecasting, and resource allocation.

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Salesforce is our system of record we use to run the business. Clari is the platform we use to optimize revenue. Without Salesforce, our business never takes flight. Without Clari, we never reach Mach speed.

Steve Fitz
CRO, Sumo Logic

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