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Close the Loop between Insights and Action with Groove

Revenue shouldn't be a guessing game. Groove is the system of action that helps revenue teams sell more predictably and consistently.

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Groove closes the loop between insights and action

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Take revenue-critical actions in the flow of work

Groove meets sellers anywhere they work - email, calendar, CRM, or mobile - by updating Salesforce in real-time, surfacing relevant engagement history, and alerting sellers about revenue-critical actions and tasks.

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Tailor your engagement strategy to every segment, role, and product line

Groove fits your unique business and allows you to sell the way you want to sell. Choose the right engagement flow for your audience and read and write to any custom object or field that’s essential to running your revenue.

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Scale and automate engagement

Scale prospecting and automate follow-up with personalized multi-step Flows across email, Automated Actions, SMS, LinkedIn, calls, Groove Plays, and more.

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Seeing is believing

Close the loop between insight and action

See how Groove powers all revenue critical workflows, both internally and externally

The best revenue teams use Groove to accelerate their time to revenue

In the first weeks of rolling out the new inbound lead process with Groove, we saw a 67% increase in booked meetings.


Hannah Duncan, Revenue Operations Manager at PopularPays

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Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours.