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Crush your revenue targets. Repeat.

Gain access to complete deal visibility, so you and your teams can easily collaborate to spot risk, view your deal inventory, forecast with precision, coach reps to meet their numbers, and celebrate more wins.

Take your revenue—and your results—to the next level.

Give sales management access to real time pipeline data.

See the true state of your pipeline. In real time.

Provide shared pipeline visibility for your entire revenue team so they can easily see what deals are moving, stalled, or at risk, and take action. View real-time data and AI-driven predictive insights with purpose-built sales analytics, custom dashboards,  and the ability to drill down to opportunities and activity at every level. The right questions answered, when you need it.

With Clari, data across all opportunities and accounts is transformed into Revenue Intelligence for your teams to leverage

Waste less time, so you can close more deals.

Spend more time coaching, driving strategic deals, and helping your company win instead of spending hours pulling numbers, combining disparate spreadsheets, and chasing reps to enter the right data manually. With real-time updates and automatically populated data, your teams have instant access to the right data from all your combined systems in a solution reps actually want to work in. Every 1:1, forecast call, and pipeline review becomes more efficient and productive.

Set sales goals and track progress.

Turn strategy into results.

Markets move fast, and your sales teams need to move faster. Activate strategic company goals by setting and tracking revenue targets cascaded to individuals in your entire revenue organization. Standardized forecasting workflows, consistent sales methodologies, and mutual action plans all ensure your teams are equipped for success, turning your strategies into reality.

Clari helps teams win more.

Clari customers have increased their win rate by 7% in their first year and 15% by their second year, on average.


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Total Revenue Confidence

Gain complete control of your sales and forecasting processes, so you know for certain where you'll finish the quarter. No surprises.

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Productive Sales Teams

Use Clari to unite your team under one process, eliminate time wasted on manual tasks, and coach your reps to close deals more effectively.

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The Ability to Act Fast

Spot risk and opportunity in real time—so your team can focus on closing the deals that matter most.

It's no longer about what happened. It's 
about what's going to happen.

Steve Fitz
CRO, Sumo Logic

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Ready to take your revenue to new heights?

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