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This post originally appeared on the Yesware blog.

Long-term business relationships are built on trust between buyers and sellers—trust that has to be established and thoughtfully developed one interaction at a time. Yet while sellers and relationship managers have an abundance of information at their fingertips to help them personalize their outreach and build long-lasting relationships, buyers are growing increasingly frustrated and tuning out.


Even though the vast majority of sales pros have the right intentions, invest in the right relationships, and consciously put their reputations on the line with every interaction, a small minority of "spray and pray" sellers clog the market with a ridiculous volume of impersonal, poorly prepared outreach.

It's a noisy market.

And just as there is a ton of noise in the market, there is also a lot of noise in the sales pipeline. Forecasting is tricky and historically based on a tremendous degree of subjectivity. In higher quality, lower volume sales environments, real buying signals can be tough to identify and interpret. In high-volume environments? Forget about it. Sales leaders and revenue ops pros do their best to forecast and set their commits, but sifting through the noise is a herculean challenge.

This is where Yesware and Clari can help.

Screenshot of a Clari report showing the Yesware integration

Yesware and Clari: your winning combination

Yesware prides itself on living right in the inbox of real sales pros, helping them to focus squarely on sending quality—and timely—personalized communications to buyers. With email tracking, templates, and campaigns all in the inbox, a rep never needs to log in to another platform and can stay productive right where s/he prefers to work. Layer in Yesware's bi-directional Salesforce sync and the process of manually logging email, meeting, and call activity into Salesforce becomes a thing of the past. Music to reps' ears and music to the ears of sales and revenue operations leaders everywhere.

Enter Clari. By ingesting all of the Yesware activity data synced to Salesforce, Clari's connected revenue operations platform goes to work. Through Yesware's new integration with Clari, sales reps and sales and revenue leaders gain better visibility into the engagement levels of prospects, shedding an intelligent light on the health of opportunities. Specifically, reps and managers can see Yesware activity in context alongside attachments sent, calendar invites, Marketo signals, and more.

In addition, Clari team activity gives managers a better understanding of which reps have best adopted Yesware. Marketers benefit, too, gaining visibility into which contacts and accounts are engaging the most with their beautifully crafted sales emails.

With Yesware and Clari, sales professionals can feel secure in their communication, knowing that they have two best-in-class sales tools processing and delivering the analytics they need. With Yesware and Clari doing the background work, sales professionals can focus on what they do best—making genuine connections and getting customers excited about the future.