Increase billings with better resource management

Clari provides the pipeline visibility needed to streamline staffing and resource utilization, while providing project managers and account executives with insights they need to close more deals.

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Greater sales visibility, process and coordination starts here

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Take the guesswork out of client relationships

As client engagements become more complex with more stakeholders to manage, Clari helps you:

  • More easily track client activities across channels
  • Make it easier for your teams to update accounts and opportunities
  • Auotmate client engagement
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Know where your pipeline really stands

Ever have a client engagement you thought was going to close, but it slipped at the last minute? Here's how Clari customers see a 10% reduction in slipped opportunities in just 1 year:

  • Better insights in opportunity health and activities
  • Proactively manage at risk opportunities on a single platform
  • Visibility across all client-facing teams
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Protect your bottom line with better resource utilization

Most business and professional services organizations are wasting anywhere from 30-50% of sales budgets on inefficient processes. With Clari, you can:

  • Easily access sales performance data and forecasts
  • Ensure proper staffing across projects
  • Improve resource planning and investments
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Increase win rates by 10%

Forrester found that teams using Clari increase their sales win rate by 10%, and generate an additional 6% in combined revenue. That's why 1500+ customers—from consulting firms to business services companies—trust Clari to transform their sales processes.

Solutions tailored to your needs

  • Business Services

    Account executives across food services, staffing, legal services and more rely on Clari to help them spend less time on manual tasks and more time selling with user-friendly opportunity management, and automated data capture and engagement tools.

  • Consulting Firms

    Clari helps project and client managers improve relationships by ensuring contracted projects are properly staffed, while improving the firm's bottom line by accelerating opportunities through automated sales processes.

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Globalization Partners decreased slipped deals by 39%. You can too.

By using Clari as their source of truth, Globalization Partners was able to move out of spreadsheets, automate sales processes and improve their forecast accuracy.

Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners
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Every engagement counts

Stop slipped opportunities and take back what's yours.