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Sales Engineering

How technical sellers become strategic advisors.

Run in lockstep with sales to become a better advisor, improve win rates, and drive higher impact and revenue.

Become a more strategic and effective sales advisor.

Clari’s Mutual Action Plans offer a powerful digital experience for sellers and buyers to align and collaborate.

Align with sales to create a single source of truth.

Partner with sales using shared systems and processes — so you can focus on the right deals and consistently win as a unified team. Efficiently and quickly prepare for meetings with access to centralized data from CRM, email, conversational intelligence tools, and more.

Prioritize the right deals based on actionable revenue insights.

Gain visibility into pipeline to plan and prioritize.

Proactively plan team resources with visibility to pipe and deals in queue for current and future quarters. Balance your team's workload distribution and deploy additional support as needed for high-priority or at-risk deals.

Clari allows you to inspect your pipeline stages, including specific deals, to better understand pipeline health

Impact deals in a whole new way.

Manage and track deal progression in a fraction of the time. Presales activity and feedback in Clari are captured directly in deals and forecasts. When you use the same system where sales runs regular forecasting, QBRs, and 1:1 meetings, the conversations become more informed and actionable.


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Improved Sales Impact

Drive greater impact with improved alignment and strategic insights in a single source of truth.

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Efficient Team Resourcing

Plan and allocate resources with serious efficiency and results.

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Increased Productivity

Improve presales productivity and effectiveness with quicker access to the right deal data and tracking.

I use Clari to stay aligned with sales leaders - using visibility into opportunities and accounts to prioritize our time and focus the team on the right deals.

Caryl Yuhas
Velocity AMER Leader, Field Engineering at Databricks

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Ready to take your revenue to new heights?

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