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Photograph of Ed McQuinston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyland, and Laura Wille, Director of Customer Marketing at Clari

Clari was built for what CROs care about most: top line revenue growth.

I have brought Clari into three organizations. When you see the analytics, efficiency gains, and revenue predictability it provides, you realize that it's a severe disadvantage not to have it.

By far the most helpful and customer-centric organization I've worked with.

Clari has played an integral role in improving our revenue execution process. Our direct sales team now calls their number with more confidence and accuracy.

Clari gives us the insights we need daily, if not hourly, to assess and measure the execution against our goals.

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Photograph of F5 Networks office

F5 Networks

Find out how F5 Networks consolidated its revenue process into a single, unified platform with Clari and Groove.

Black Swan Data

Discover how eliminating manual processes saves Black Swan Data 20+ hours per week with Clari.

Photograph of Unity office


See how "The Clari Effect" has led to a 30.2% decrease in slipped deals at Unity.

Okta office space


Learn how Okta leveraged Clari to create a repeatable, scalable forecasting process that helped drive pipeline and revenue growth.

Two women in the Udacity lobby front desk area


Read how Udacity has decreased average deal cycle length by 15% and churn by 10% with Clari.

Singular Genomics employees outside the office building

Singular Genomics

From spreadsheets to Clari: How Singular Genomics saved hours each day.

Globalization Partners team photo

Globalization Partners

Find out how Clari is helping staffing company Globalization Partners increase transparency and forecast accurately.

Skai logo


Learn how Skai uses Clari as the source of truth for revenue.

Tessian team photo


See how Tessian benefits from having a complete solution to manage revenue in one central platform.

WP Engine employees during an All Hands meeting

WP Engine

Billy Minor, Manager of Sales Operations at WP Engine, shares how Clari helps minimize revenue leak.

Wind River team with their dogs

Wind River

Hear how Wind River runs revenue with Clari from Candi Bashiri, Director, WW Sales Business Applications.

UXCam group photo


Learn how Clari Copilot helps UXCam understand their customers better.

Leapwork team photo in front of the Taj Mahal


Leapwork cut multiple tools in favor of the Clari Revenue Platform to operate revenue end-to-end.

MarketMan team members at dinner


Discover how Clari Copilot saves MarketMan time by reducing friction internally.

Five Alchemy Cloud employees wearing a shirt with the Alchemy Cloud logo

Alchemy Cloud

See how Clari Copilot helps Alchemy Cloud gather sales intelligence.

Sysdig team members on a hike


Karen Walker, CFO at Sysdig, shares how Clari helps Finance optimize resources, capital allocation, and minimize revenue leak.

Group of people putting together large puzzle pieces

Annex Cloud

Discover how Clari Copilot helps Annex Cloud build better customer relationships.

Intercom employee standing and smiling in the office


Sandy White, Head of Account Management at Intercom Americas, shares how Clari helps them achieve better forecasting and minimizing revenue leak through reducing deal slippage.

AccuLynx employees in front of logo wearing the matching grey sweaters


Learn why Clari Copilot is critical for AccuLynx to onboard people faster.

Group of people chatting in front of a computer


Find out why Oktopost relies on Clari Copilot to run its business.

Smiling people in a meeting room with laptops

Call Playbook

Call Playbook transformed their training and onboarding process with Clari Copilot.

Group photo of Cledara employees


Learn how Clari Copilot helps Cledara understand their prospects better.

RevBoss team members in front of a Bud Light stand


Clari Copilot helps RevBoss prevent revenue leak by identifying red flag language.

AltiSales logo on a purple background


Clari Copilot gives AltiSales better control to handle multiple clients.

Three PartsBase employees in a PartsBase booth with suits on


Find out why Clari Copilot is “mission critical” for PartsBase.

Group photo of SafelyYou employees


How SafelyYou moves deals faster with Clari Copilot.

Group photo of Propeller team members

Propeller Aero

Find out how Clari Copilot helps Propeller Aero pinpoint areas for improvement. logo


Learn how Clari Copilot helped Profit reduce ramp time by one-third.

Group picture of Ayyeka employees


Clari Copilot helps Ayyeka reps be more present during meetings.

Group of men walking and laughing


Discover how Clari Copilot helps Chargebee collaborate better.

Holistics team members in front of the Holistics sign


Learn how Clari Copilot gave Holistics visibility into what was a black box.

Group of people doing the dab dance move


Clari Copilot helps Outplay expand their business by understanding customer expectations better.

Fidel API employees at a conference

Fidel API

Clari Copilot helps Fidel API make decisions backed by data.

Group of Vizion team members


Find out how Vizion accelerates transparency and collaboration with Clari Copilot.

Group of Harness employees outside of Busch Gardens


Discover how Clari Copilot helps everyone at Harness improve their craft.

Photo of Pattern's office building and logo.


Find out how Clari + Copilot is helping Pattern obtain revenue precision.

Image of Flock Safety office

Flock Safety

Discover how Flock Safety used Clari to get accurate forecast data within 30 days.

Sumo Logic

Find out how Sumo Logic runs customer success with Clari to predict an entire year of renewals in advance.

Image of Conductor office lobby


Discover how Conductor was able to finally achieve revenue precision with Clari.

Photograph of the Webflow office


Discover how Webflow used Clari to better spot revenue leak and increase win rates by 19%.

Photograph of the Secure Code Warrior team in their office

Secure Code Warrior

To gain visibility into revenue across a global team, Secure Code Warrior adopted Clari and achieved operational rigor.

Photograph of the Paradox team


With Clari, Paradox now has information transparency from the frontline to CRO. See how.

Photograph of the League team


Find out how League consolidated their tech stack with Clari's Revenue Platform.

Photograph of the Anyword team


Learn how Anyword uses Clari Copilot to analyze customer conversations, find trends, and improve retention.

Photograph of the Couchbase office


Discover how Couchbase's CFO and CEO use Clari daily to run revenue.

Heap logo image


In need of a centralized forecast, Heap adopted Clari to provide visibility and gain key insights into the revenue process.

Photograph of Zoom logo on the Zoom office building


Clari alleviates reps at Zoom from manual data entry, freeing up more time to sell.

MasterControl logo image


See how MasterControl turns the art of forecasting into predictable, repeatable science.

Weka logo image


Discover how the Clari Revenue Platform helps drive WEKA's business decisions with precision.

Photograph of the ComplyAdvantage office


See how Clari supports ComplyAdvantage from lead to renewal by making the revenue process "as seamless as possible."

Amplitude logo over a photograph of a diverse group of employees


Repeat customer Thomas Hansen, now President at Amplitude, shares how Clari enables his business to run revenue and never return to spreadsheet hell.

Photograph of the Databricks office


Find out how Databricks said goodbye to revenue leak by closing 169% more slipped deals.

Hyland logo overlapping a photograph of Ed McQuinston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyland, and Laura Wille, Director of Customer Marketing at Clari


Watch this video to hear how Ed McQuiston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyland, reports to the board using Clari.

Kofax logo overlapping a photograph of a revenue leader holding a laptop


Discover how Kofax saw immediate value with more than 95% forecast accuracy and increased revenue after implementing Clari.

Influ2 logo over a photograph of revenue reports on a computer screen


Joe McNeill, CRO at Influ2, shares his thoughts on how Clari helps make revenue predictable and repeatable.

Photograph of the Oktopost office


Discover how B2B social engagement suite Oktopost instills continuous learning and radical transparency with Clari Copilot.

RMS logo over a photograph of two revenue leaders looking at a report on a tablet


Gagan Sethi, Sr. Director of Sales Operations at RMS, shares why Clari is a one-stop shop for RMS' forecasting.

Photograph of a diverse group of Alchemy employees looking at a laptop screen


Find out how SaaS solution Alchemy captures relevant sales intelligence with Clari Copilot.

Photograph of the Tipalti office


Tipalti is a global leader in payment automation technology, modernizing the full accounts payable process.

Orgvue logo over a photograph of two revenue leaders looking at reports on a laptop and tablet


See how Orgvue uses Clari to collaborate and drive predictable revenue.

Photograph of the Fortinet office


How Fortinet achieved 97% forecast accuracy with an advanced revenue process.

Science37 logo overlapping a photograph of a stethoscope

Science 37

Watch Carter Eiler, Head of Sales Operations at Science 37, share how Clari helps Science 37 run revenue.

Photograph of Carbon Black logo on the Nasdaq billboard

Carbon Black

Carbon Black reaches 95% forecast accuracy on the ramp to IPO.

Playbook logo overlapping a photograph of a sports field


See how sports management software Playbook transformed its sales training and onboarding process with Clari Copilot.

Gainsight logo image


Gainsight's CEO Nick Mehta reveals key strategies to make customer success a revenue-driving engine.

MarketMan logo overlapping a photograph of MarketMan employees working in the office


Learn how restaurant operations platform MarketMan uses Clari Copilot to improve customer service and shorten new rep ramp time.

Photograph of Motus office


Predictable Revenue with Clari Fuels 275% Growth at Motus.

ThoughtSpot logo overlapping a photograph of a revenue leader pointing to a report on a computer screen


Dave Rubin, Director of Sales Operations, shares how Clari and Align helps ThoughtSpot's team focus on what matters to drive outcomes.

Photograph of split-level industrial Couchbase office


Denis Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer, Couchbase shares why revenue roles are more important than ever.

Extreme Networks logo image

Extreme Networks

Matt Cleaver, SVP Sales Strategy and Operations, Extreme Networks, outlines how sales professionals can reposition their product offerings by understanding buyers' new needs.

Photograph of Carbon office

Carbon, Inc.

The New Era of Finance and Sales Collaboration: A Conversation with CFO Elisa De Martel.

6sense logo overlapping a photograph of two revenue professionals looking at reports in front of two laptops


How 6sense stays ahead of renewal risk to retain and expand customers­.

Photograph of the BigPanda office


How BigPanda increases close velocity of enterprise deals with Clari.

Certinia logo

Certinia (FinancialForce)

Learn how Certinia wins 9% more often and 15% faster in EMEA with Clari.

Certinia logo

Certinia (FinancialForce)

Find out how Certinia uses Clari to run revenue and gain confidence on their path to IPO.

Photograph of Nutanix office


How Nutanix increased selling time by 15-20% with Clari.

Photograph of Recorded Future office

Recorded Future

How Recorded Future shortened rep ramp time, and up-leveled 1:1’s.

Illumio and Clari case study


Illumio gets full visibility into the entire buying group on Multimillion-Dollar Deals.

Photograph of the Securly office


Securly moves from under or over-performing to predictable results quarter after quarter.

Kenna Security logo overlapping a stylized photograph of hands touching a holographic tablet

Kenna Security

Kenna Security spots risk early in the quarter to influence revenue results.

Photograph of Medallia team at the New York Stock Exchange


Medallia moves to a single global forecasting process with Clari.

Photograph of the Malwarebytes office


Malwarebytes makes accurate forecast calls based on actionable data.

Abstract illustration of two overlapping circles

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