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In 2013, we set out to fix an all-too-familiar business problem: unpredictable revenue. We quickly realized that sales, marketing and customer success teams simply didn’t have the information they needed to work together in a coordinated, cadenced fashion. Instead of acting, they were reacting. Instead of executing, they were guessing.

So we got to work.

Today, our market-leading Revenue Platform helps go-to-market teams of every size and stripe take control of their entire sales process and revenue operation. The result? Flawless sales execution, unprecedented productivity, and revenue forecasting that really works. Simply put: nothing else comes close.

  • $520M in venture capital funding

    in venture capital funding

  • 6th consecutive year recognized as a Bay Area Top Place to Work

    consecutive year being recognized as a Bay Area Top Place to Work

  • 220k+ active users across 170 countries

    active users across 170 countries


  • Headshot photograph of Andy Byrne, Chief Executive Officer of Clari

    Andy Byrne
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Venkat Rangan, Chief Technology Officer at Clari

    Venkat Rangan
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Headshot photograph of Kurt Leafstrand, SVP of Products at Clari

    Kurt Leafstrand
    SVP, Products

  • Headshot photograph of Leonid Igolnik, EVP of Engineering at Clari

    Leonid Igolnik
    EVP, Engineering

  • Headshot photograph of Kevin Knieriem, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at Clari

    Kevin Knieriem
    EVP & Chief Revenue Officer

  • Headshot photograph of Laura MacKinnon, Chief People Officer at Clari

    Laura MacKinnon
    Chief People Officer

  • Headshot photograph of Kevin Fisher, SVP of Strategy & Operations at Clari

    Kevin Fisher
    Chief Customer Officer

  • Headshot photograph of Kyle Coleman, CMO at Clari

    Kyle Coleman
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chris Rothstein, SVP and GM of Groove

    Chris Rothstein
    SVP & GM, Groove

  • Headshot photograph of Rohit Shrivastava, EVP and Chief Product Officer at Clari

    Rohit Shrivastava
    EVP & Chief Product Officer

Board Members

  • Jim Goetz

  • Steve Singh

  • Ajay Agarwal

  • Enrique Salem

  • Aaref Hilaly

  • Stephanie Buscemi

  • Venkat Rangan

  • Andy Byrne

  • Kelly Battles

  • Vishal Amin


Clari North America Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA

North America

1154 Sonora Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
United States

(650) 265-2111

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