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Clari + An Integration to Get Full Visibility into Deals

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Gong and Clari logos side by side on a blue checkerboard background
Gong and Clari logos side by side on a blue checkerboard background

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We're thrilled to announce our integration with Clari's connected revenue operations platform.

Clari helps increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve forecast accuracy. How? It automatically captures and analyzes opportunity data and predicts which deals will close and which are at risk.

Before now, Clari didn't look inside sales conversations, let alone feed conversation data into its predictive modeling. With the integration of, it does both. That gives you a full view into every deal in your pipeline.

Armed with Clari and, you can win more deals and improve your forecast accuracy. Here's how.

No more surprises. Know the true state of each deal.

Clari gives you a bird's-eye view of the activities that span every opportunity. And if you need more detailed information, dive into call recordings directly in your Clari deal view.

You're better equipped to stop deals from stalling and get an accurate picture of what's happening with every opportunity. You can drill into every call in every deal.

Supercharge your pipeline reviews. Win more deals.

This integration supercharges your sales pipeline review sessions with reps. Start with the big picture: Look at which activities have happened across the entire sales cycle. Then dig into a call to get the details and fully understand what's happening with an account.

Make your deal review sessions dramatically more productive. Stop relying on anecdotes from your reps and give everyone access to the same facts. Keep recorded and analyzed conversations at your fingertips so your pipeline review sessions are evidence-based.

You'll catch deals going south before it's too late—and before you miss your forecast.