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Drive go-to-market success in lockstep with sales.

Drive strategic plays and be continuously in sync with your sales team. Gain complete visibility into the state of your pipeline and easily see which accounts and contacts your sellers are engaged with. Be a more strategic partner, deploy air coverage and deal support efforts, and ultimately help your company win more business.

Make everything you do drive more revenue.

Clari’s CRM Automation eliminates manual data entry to win back valuable time for your team.

See a complete view of your leads.

Identify exactly where to focus marketing efforts with a truly complete snapshot of your leads. Clari automatically captures and populates activity and contact data from all of your disparate systems, so you can view touchpoints along the entire buyer journey, identify opportunities to engage, track performance by lead source, and prove marketing revenue attribution.

Track top of the funnel goals and inform marketing pipeline strategy.

Take action with the confidence of total pipeline visibility.

Track progress against top-of-funnel goals and conversions, validate marketing programs, or spot potential opportunities with access into pipeline health metrics. Answer questions about how leads have actually progressed through the pipeline by drilling into segment and region, deal size, or closed dates, so you can inform budget allocation and program strategy to help your combined sales and marketing teams win.

Sales pipeline projections help you meet revenue targets next quarter.

Align and coordinate marketing efforts based on actual revenue goals and progress.

Gain full visibility with Clari’s revenue insights, so you can provide marketing programs and efforts to help the right sales teams or regions meet their revenue goals. Leverage this single source of truth to build a go-to-market strategy with sales that will help grow your organization.



Better Alignment

Easily align with your sales team on pipeline coverage and goals—and take necessary actions to meet revenue targets.


Smarter Targeting

See exactly where the sales team is (and isn’t) engaged so you can run more strategic nurture campaigns and drive deal acceleration.


Accurate Campaign Attribution

Automatically associate all sales-engaged contacts with opportunities, so you have a complete data set for your attribution solution.

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