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New Strategic Integrations Added to Clari Connected Revenue Ecosystem

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Richard Bernstein
Head of Business Development & Alliances, Clari



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Illustration of line graphs overlapping a bar chart
Illustration of line graphs overlapping a bar chart

Historically, go-to-market teams and leaders have relied on disconnected and incomplete data to accurately predict how their organization will perform and determine if they will make their number. The problem is that the data has been siloed across a multitude of sales, marketing, and customer success tools, assuming that the data even existed in the first place. And attempts to integrate platforms around a coherent data strategy have proven time and again to be costly to implement and harder to maintain and upgrade over time.

To make matters worse, the landscape of sales and marketing technologies has grown exponentially in a short period of time, making it harder for businesses to make sense of the technologies they need and use in their business.

That is why I'm excited to announce the Clari connected revenue ecosystem as part of Clari's connected revenue operations (CRO) platform. Within the CRO platform, Clari can discover missing data, combine data across multiple platforms, provide its users with a coherent vision of how they are engaging with prospects and customers, and give them confidence that they will make their number.

Clari's platform was already bringing in signals from a multitude of the biggest platforms that sales teams use: Salesforce, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Marketo, Slack, and LinkedIn. With the addition of these new categories, revenue teams can finally view their engagement in a single pane of glass.

The ecosystem is comprised of technologies across a variety of areas, including:

  • Phone
  • Sales enablement
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Sales engagement
  • Direct mail
  • Market intelligence
  • Marketing automation

Phone service integrations

Phone services and VoIP remain one of the primary touchpoints reps use to reach prospects and customers. Having this data in Clari enables managers to have a complete view of how reps are engaging with prospects live.

Sales enablement integrations

Content continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage with prospects and customers. By integrating with sales enablement tools, reps and managers can analyze which content types are performing the best and how customers engage with content to better understand how these activities drive revenue.

Conversational intelligence tool integrations

A lot happens on your calls, and reps aren't always able to take complete notes, let alone enter them into your CRM afterward. With conversational intelligence platforms, every conversation is captured and transcribed, and Clari will capture the text, keywords, and sentiment to analyze the health of the conversation and the opportunity.

Sales engagement tool integrations

Sales teams engage with prospects and customers across a variety of mediums every day, including phone, email, and social channels. Sales engagement tools enable the sales team to have a unified platform for communication, and Clari can harvest the variety of signals from these tools so reps and managers can better understand which engagement activities are helping their deals progress the best and how.

Marketing automation integrations

Marketing's job is to support sales by increasing engagement with buyers. Often, due to data siloing, the hard work that marketing puts in is never seen by the rest of the organization. With Clari's ability to integrate with marketing automation platforms, sales will always know when and where marketing is supporting their efforts and marketing can identify opportunities to provide air support and re-engage prospects.

Direct mail service integrations

As the saying goes, what is old is new again. Direct mail has seen large growth in popularity among top organizations as an important touchpoint for account-based selling. Add a layer of technology to understand when prospects receive packages to strategically synchronize follow-up.

Market intelligence integrations

You can't sell to people you don't know. By connecting with market intelligence platforms, Clari ensures complete contact data for sales and marketing teams, saving time on data entry and enabling higher ROI outreach to prospects.

But wait—there's more!

If you're a current Clari customer and want to turn on any of these integrations, please contact your Clari customer success manager.

And check back here on the Clari blog every couple of days as we highlight each partner and tell the story of how their specific data signals, paired with Clari, will drive bigger and better results for your business.