Streamline your sales data capture. Effortlessly.

Boost rep productivity and gain unparalleled visibility to close more deals with Groove by Clari’s automated sales, email, call, meeting, and activity capture in Salesforce.

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Orchid Orthopedic
Singular Genomics
Unchained Labs
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Orchid Orthopedic
Singular Genomics
Unchained Labs
Well Health Technologies Corp

Enhance data. Empower sales. Excel targets.

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Improve sales data quality

Winnable deals are lost because 70% of buyer interactions never get added to CRM. Clari helps you:

  • Automatically capture critical contact and activity data
  • Analyze and sync sales data with your CRM
  • Accelerate deals with opportunity insights
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Boost sales rep effectiveness

Clari increases sales rep productivity by 67%, enabling them to close more deals with:

  • Improved visibility on opportunity health
  • Better aligned sales plans with physician & healthcare system goals
  • Real-time call coaching and insights

With Clari, everything is in one place versus ‘20 clicks in Salesforce’ or having to dig into a spreadsheet manually. Clari is just so efficient.

Jonathan Slasinksi, Head of Commercial Training & Education at Singular Genomics


Relationship Manager engagement

Scale prospecting, work deals, and expand accounts with powerful engagement workflows. Get deep top-of-funnel capabilities to increase pipeline creation, and give your bankers and relationship managers what they need in the flow of work to increase engagement and share of wallet. Groove is easy to use and easy to admin, increasing seller productivity without causing headaches for your operations team.

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See how Singular Genomics boosted productivity by moving from spreadsheets to Clari

Singular Genomics saw 10x time savings for sales reps, making it easier to manage long sales cycles with Clari.

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Increase sales predictability

Get the insights you need in clicks, not days. Clari enables you to:

  • Understand sales performance in real-time
  • Proactively coach teams toward your targets
  • Execute your forecast faster and more accurately
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Clari reduces time spent on manual data entry by 80%

The result? Your reps get over 20% of their time back, so they can engage with physicians, healthcare systems and customers, and close more deals. It’s like having one additional day each week to sell—and your time savings start within minutes of implementing Clari.

Clari solves your unique challenges

  • Medical Device

    Help reps spend more time selling and less time entering data with automated data capture. Ensure an accurate view of bookings across your business with improved data quality and full pipeline visibility. Introduce repeatable sales processes that boost your bottom line.

  • Biotech

    Understand what's really happening in your opportunities and improve rep effectiveness with pipeline inspection. Accurately report to executives, boards and all go-to-market teams, while leveraging real-time data to better guide your teams. Real-time call coaching enables reps to be more effective in revenue critical moments.

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Every booking counts

Stop slipped deals and take back what's yours.