Photograph of Clari employees at the beach for a community service event


The Clari Cares Foundation

Our mission is to serve and empower communities through giving partnerships, technology, education, and volunteer work.

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Why We Give

Clari Cares was created to provide direct relief to our communities. We were founded in March 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, we have responded quickly to one-time needs, and engaged in long-term, ongoing programs. Clari Cares welcomes Clari employees, their families, and community members to join us in making an impact on the world. Clari Cares encourages employee involvement through programs like donation matching and dedicated time off for volunteering.

As a business, we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live and work. We are delighted to support a platform for Clari and our employees to make a difference through volunteering and giving.

Life is a gift. We have the privilege, and opportunity, to share our philanthropic efforts in order to make the world a better place.

  • Circle that says 280k dollars

    Donated by Clari Cares and Clari employees

  • Circle that says 200 plus

    Volunteer hours organized by Clari Cares since founding

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    Countries impacted by Clari Cares donations

Clari Cares Focus Areas

People wearing gloves handing out food
Person wearing gloves picking up a plastic bottle from the beach
Medical professional applying a bandage to a masked person's arm

Clari Cares Council

  • Headshot photograph of Elizabeth Halden, Clari Cares Chair

    Elizabeth Halden

  • Headshot photograph of Mary Luna, Clari Cares Vice Chair

    Mary Luna
    Vice Chair

  • Headshot photograph of Riya Hazra, Clari Cares Treasurer

    Riya Hazra

  • Headshot photograph of Katy Spalding, Clari Cares Secretary

    Katy Spalding

  • Headshot photograph of Venkat Rangan, Clari Cares Founder

    Venkat Rangan

  • Headshot photograph of Ninad Pande, Clari Cares Council Member

    Ninad Pande

  • Headshot photograph of Michale Akinle, Clari Cares Council Member

    Michale Akinle

  • Headshot photograph of Matt Cohen, Clari Cares Council Member

    Matt Cohen

  • Headshot illustration of Chakradar Raju, Clari Cares Council Member

    Chakradar Raju

  • Headshot photograph of Jamie Karoff, Clari Cares Council Member

    Jamie Karoff

  • Headshot photograph of Amritha S, Clari Cares Council Member

    Amritha S

  • Headshot photograph of Lara Hossalla, Clari Cares Council Member

    Lara Hossalla

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