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Account Engagement

A feature that provides visibility into how many touches individual prospects and accounts have received from sales reps. This can include meetings, emails, calls, shared files, and mutual action plans.

Clari Revenue Platform

The only platform that enables full collaboration and governance of the end-to-end revenue process.

CRM Automation

A feature that captures all sales and activity data automatically from disparate systems, which includes contact creation, opportunity association, and account engagement.


The process of predicting revenue based on real-time data to see where you’ll end future fiscal periods (month, quarter, year).

Mutual Action Plan (MAP)

A plan that ensures the selling team and the customer are aligned on deal objectives, timelines, major milestones, and actions.

Pipeline Management

The ability to manage pipeline coverage and pacing required to meet future revenue targets. Nurture the right opportunities from demo to closed-won based on risk and momentum indicators, deal health, and account engagement.

Predictable Revenue

The ability to call your number accurately every quarter as a result of a revenue process that is collaborative and repeatable.


A cross-functional, enterprise process that requires collaboration between systems & employees.

Revenue-Critical Employees

Up to 50% of a company’s employees are “revenue-critical.” Meaning that they in some way contribute to a company’s revenue-generating process.

Revenue Collaboration

Enables all revenue-critical employees to easily and effectively work together to run revenue.

Revenue Collaboration & Governance

Revenue Collaboration & Governance unifies the entire end-to-end revenue process by connecting the systems and revenue-critical employees in the business that work on capturing and generating revenue.

Revenue Governance

The ability to control the end-to-end revenue process.

Revenue Leak

Revenue Leak is the loss of revenue that results from breakdowns across the end-to-end revenue process.

Revenue Operations

A critical set of capabilities that allow you to govern and control the revenue process.

Revenue Precision

The operating standard that results in the full capture of revenue — predictably and repeatedly.

Sales Analytics

Data visualizations and insights that provide a comprehensive view of your revenue process—past, present, and future—which makes it easy to understand what’s driving changes, analyze by segments, and share insights with the field.

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