ABC - Always Be Closing

ABC, or “Always Be Closing” is one of those pithy little phrases that has stuck around long after its sell-by date. A mantra from the 80’s and made infamous in the play / movie “Glengarry Glen Ross”, it means that a sales person should always be laser focused on closing deals, all day, every day.

While that may have worked in the 80’s and 90’s when the term was coined, the world is very different now. Buyers are smarter, choices are greater and anyone going in with a gung-ho always-be-closing attitude will quickly find themselves at the receiving end of a “sorry but we have decided to go with another vendor” email.

Instead, try a different ABC. We call it “Always Be Caring”. Because that’s where it starts. As long as you care about the user’s problem, you will offer them the best possible solution. And when you do that, you will be closing not just once, but over and over again, because you will have something much better than a closed lead. You will have the trust of your prospect.

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