For sales folks, churn is bittersweet. 

On one hand, it is like watching all the hard work you do disappear like revenue through a leak. On the other hand - for once it’s definitely probably not your fault and you can blame someone else instead.

Churn is when customers leave. It’s like your best friend leaving because their new exercise buddy throws cooler parties. Basically, if you see your friendship as a subscription service (please don’t do that, that’s terrible), churn is the rate at which your friends dump you for new, better friends.

To maintain social cred, you need to make friends faster than you can lose ‘em. Similarly, companies that depend on the subscription model also need more new customers than they lose through churn. However, even if you have bucketfuls of new customers, it’s always good to minimize churn, because getting new customers will always be more expensive than maintaining existing ones.

So what do you do to reduce churn? Not a lot, but not nothing either. Ensuring a good customer-product fit, rather than focusing on making a sale as fast as possible results in long-term customer retention and less churn.

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