For some sales folks, call reviews are to be breezed through, with only occasional pauses for a “good job” or a “wow!”

We don’t talk about those people here.

They are clearly gods among mortals, ascended to a higher plane of existence where the word “quotas” and “goals” have lost all meaning.

For the rest though, call reviews are… different.

Sure, we put on our best and bravest faces, but as the hour approaches, we can’t help but be reminded of the nightmare.

You know - the one where we are back in school.

And have to deliver a vague but extremely important speech.

And just as we step on stage, we discover that we have misplaced all our clothes.

Trite? Yes. But there’s a reason why the whole naked-giving-a-speech nightmare is a thing.

It combines the dual horror of being in a spotlight as well as being completely vulnerable - in a position where anyone can point and laugh.

While call reviews are never going to be entirely pleasant (there’s a reason why artists are told to never read reviews), they really don’t have to be nightmarish. Especially if done right.

Instead of seeing a call review as a place where your flaws are analyzed and dissected, think of them as opportunities for the following.

  • Gaining an outsider's perspective on your call performance
  • Practicing receiving feedback and growing a thicker skin
  • Bonding with your team and having healthy conversations
  • Asking questions and learning from the best
  • Playing calls with the worst, rudest, most inconsiderate prospects ever and thereby gaining a ton of sympathy from your fellow sufferers.
  • Laughing a lot, because some days, what else can you do?

Instead of seeing call reviews as glaring spotlights, see them as shared experiences. Bad days, mistakes, faux pas - everyone has had those. And when they review the call where you really mucked it up, you are not being laughed at - you are participating in something that every SDR and AE has gone through. Revel in it.

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