Discovery Call

The discovery call is the first date of the sales world.

It’s the time to put your best foot forward, scrub the spinach from your teeth, and make an amazing first impression.

And you definitely don’t want to be the person who shows up late, talks about themselves the entire time, and then presses you for a second date for weeks afterwards.

That’s what a bad discovery call is from a prospect’s POV.

A Discovery Call is usually the first proper interaction between the buyer and the seller.

And if you want there to be a second call, remember these rules.

Rule 1: Research

Put those internet sleuthing skills to test. Before you show up, go through publicly available information about the prospect company, and even the participants. Show them that you care. That they’re special.

Not only will it make them feel like you actually care about them, and not just about making a sale, it will also help things move faster.

Which brings us to rule 2.

Rule 2: Listen

If you’re doing all the talking, that means the call isn’t going too well. You want there to be a healthy conversation, not a monologue. (Aside, don’t you wish there was a Copilot in the wings to discreetly alert you if you were monologuing?).

In a discovery call, a sales rep’s responsibility is to listen. Actively. The better you can do that, the more you will discover about your prospect, and the better you will be able to help. 

Rule 3: Question

While listening intently is great, it can lead to a one-sided conversation. So you can’t just sit and listen, you also have to ask the right questions. In a sales call, questions help you find where the real pain points are, and suggest the best-fit solution.

So is there all there is to a discovery call? Not in the slightest! Check out our Discovery Call Template to see how you can fine-tune your discovery call to make an amazing first impression.

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