B2B - Business to Business

B2B means business to business - in other words, it’s a relationship between two businesses. A B2B company is one that provides solutions to other businesses. So why is it called B2B and not BtoB? Because that doesn’t look as cool.

So why do we need a whole new acronym for businesses that sell specifically to other businesses? Well, that’s because these are pretty big deals. Literally. B2B brands usually depend on a handful (comparatively) of high value sales to see them through. 

What does this mean for salespeople in these companies? For one thing, B2B sales take, on average, a long time. We’re talking weeks, months or even years! So relationship-building is a key part of a B2B salesperson’s job, especially with decision makers. From checking in regularly to maybe even meeting up for a cup of coffee, “keeping in touch” is very much something that they have to do constantly.

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