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Redefining Remarkable with Clari’s $225 Million Series F

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Andy Byrne
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Portrait of Andy Byrne overlapping a blue circle and a green circle
Portrait of Andy Byrne overlapping a blue circle and a green circle

During new employee onboarding, I ask every Clarian to email me a list of three achievements that would make their time at Clari remarkable.

Their notes share how they hope to impact the company or achieve specific career milestones, as well as personal and family goals—which are equally important at Clari. The diversity of ambitions and values is what makes Clari a special place.

I then ask them to keep what they send tucked away, and read it on occasion as a reminder of the remarkable goals they set. 

If we don’t have a target in mind, how will we know what to aim for, or whether we’re making progress? Furthermore, shouldn’t the target be big? Shouldn’t it seem remarkable, almost out of reach? 

I frequently express to employees how amazing it feels when you look back at what you achieved—in both your professional and personal life—and you say “that was remarkable, what we did!” Isn’t that living your best life?  

In the early days of Clari, we would imagine what it would be like to achieve a $1 billion valuation. “Wouldn’t that be remarkable,” we thought.

Today we’re redefining remarkable for ourselves, our customers, and the revenue operations movement with a $225 million Series F led by Blackstone with participation from Light Street Capital and Maverick Capital. With this round, we have more than quadrupled our valuation to $2.6 billion in two years. 

See the LinkedIn announcement here.

Does this mean we’ve arrived at remarkable? Yes… and no. The thing about truly remarkable goals is that they keep getting bigger. While I encourage Clari employees to reflect on the path that has brought us here, our mission to bring revenue operations to every business around the world is just getting started.

The impact Clari can have is so much bigger than we thought. We’re redefining remarkable.

Driving revenue is the most important business process, and, shockingly, the last to finally be transformed and brought into the 21st century. Companies everywhere struggle with antiquated revenue processes. They miss their forecasts and grapple with poor pipeline visibility. Spreadsheets still dominate their leaders’ Sundays as they grasp for meaningful insights in a sea of data signals. 

Everyone in the business, from the boardroom to the front line sales rep, clamors for more real-time, historical, and predictive visibility and transparency into every aspect of the business so they can make key decisions with confidence. 

Clari provides all of that, and more. 

"Clari empowers us with the trusted insights we need to understand if we're on pace to meet or exceed revenue goals,” says Amit Walia, the CEO of Informatica, a cloud data analysis management firm that went public in 2021. “Early indicators provided by Clari enable us to move swiftly on critical decisions.”

Walia and Informatica represent just one of more than 450 customers around the world that are realizing their fullest potential by achieving greater control of their revenue using Clari. 

“Clari delivers the full-scale alignment our revenue team needs to achieve our long-term growth strategy,” says Pilar Schenk, COO, Cisco Collaboration and founding member of the Revenue Operations Council.

What does this mean for Clari? 

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Funding announcements can often inspire lofty promises, but when discussing Clari’s future, I want to be clear and specific. After all, full transparency and visibility is a core tenet of how we run Clari, and it's what makes Clari the world’s number one RevOps platform. 

At every stage of building the company, we’ve been thoughtful about operating capital—not just raising because investor interest is high, but raising based on what we believe is possible.  Our unique vision and the confidence we have in delivering customer value (as it accelerates at more scale) have led to this moment. 

In this next stage, we will use every bit of the investment from our partners to grow in new and powerful ways. This also means we can stay steadfast in our vision to transform every business—from Wall Street to Main Street—making the revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable.

Here’s how we plan to use this investment:

  1. Accelerating market expansion by penetrating deeper into EMEA and APAC, where we’ve seen demand that’s already exceeded our expectations 
  2. Accelerating the development and shipment of new ground-breaking technology that delivers unique and valuable capabilities to the market, further accelerating our growth  
  3. Acquiring more technology to deliver new capabilities that enable unmatched performance and growth 

These aren’t empty promises. We’ve already made significant strides toward each of these goals, with aggressive staffing in London, Sydney, and Bengaluru, with product development already in the works, and with our acquisition of DealPoint in 2021 and the integration of mutual action plan technology on the Clari platform. 

One of our longer-tenured board members, Steve Singh, talks about always looking 10 years ahead when making strategic decisions. When I think about what remarkable will mean for Clari 10 years out, it’s not just about valuations or investments. It’s about helping every business achieve unmatched performance and predictable revenue growth.  

Imagine the impact we can make on the world. Remarkable, indeed. 

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