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Sales Engineers: The Benefits of Aligning With Your Unsung Heroes

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Photograph of a sales engineering leader looking at reports on a computer screen
Photograph of a sales engineering leader looking at reports on a computer screen

There’s a secret sauce to your deals. Hours of research. Emails. Calls. Getting in front of the right customers. Making sure you’ve equipped them with enough value for it to be worthwhile for them to take the next meeting and get the right people involved. Then there’s the technical selling piece. Proving to the right stakeholder that your solution can solve their problems. Assessing the system requirements and the ins and outs of your prospects’ environment to prove your solution fits right in. 

Let’s face it. There’s a beauty to how Sales Engineers and Solutions Consultants finesse their questions and translate your answers directly into selling your product—presenting a demo that makes dreams feel like a reality. 

Without them, your deal cycles wouldn’t run nearly as efficiently, and your product wouldn’t be sold as beautifully. 

And, yet, they often just get a thank you and fist bump.

Imagine equipping them with so much more. Imagine giving them predictability and a seat at the table to be right there with you.

There are multiple ways you can position your pre-sales team as more strategic partners at the forefront of your organization:

1. Give them visibility

Visibility into what you’re doing and visibility into the deals coming their way. Visibility into a centralized source of truth—all data from CRM, email, conversational intelligence tools, POC status, Clari’s unique AI-driven predictive score, prospect engagement activity, and more. This makes it easier to plan and track their resourcing needs and spot priority projects or at-risk deals at a glance.

2. Equip them with the right tools for productivity

Don’t give them more noise. Empower them with the tools they need that fit right into their existing workflows. Faster CRM updates, quick opportunity tracking, POC and demo status, contacts at each stage, deals in funnel, and assigned team resources. Check, check, and check.

3. Find them a seat at the table

When it comes to forecasting and strategic decisions, they’re often pulled into a million sales meetings. With Clari, pre-sales input is captured and surfaced in the same system sales uses to run forecasting, QBRs, and one-on-one meetings. This makes it easier for them to validate the deals you’re working on and participate in a more impactful way. 

Ensuring pre-sales resources are efficiently and effectively leveraged in selling motions is critical to improving win rates, becoming a better advisor to sales, and driving higher impact and revenue as a power team. 

Learn more about how Sales Engineering teams leverage Clari to drive higher impact among their Sales teams.

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