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The Ultimate Guide to Forecasting Confidence (eBook)

Laura Quiambao

Laura Quiambao
Content Marketing, Clari

The Ultimate Guide to Forecasting Confidence (eBook)

Are you using a crystal ball to call your week 1 forecast? If you’re leaning on gut intuition and static, siloed reports to pull your number, you might as well be.

Right now, predictable revenue is more important than ever. With so many economic unknowns and remote work due to COVID, sales teams and executives are depending on accurate forecasts to lead their entire strategy.

However, according to CSO Insights, 25% of sales managers are unhappy with their sales forecast accuracy. Could it be that 35.6% of companies use casual or subjective approaches to their forecasting?

Poor forecasting isn’t just frustrating for your sales team and concerning to the board, it leaves critical growth opportunities on the table. For example, the same study discovered that formal and structured forecasts saw a 12.6% increase in win rates. In today’s environment, every win is crucial to your business.

An increase in wins shouldn’t be a kismet surprise from the universe, either. True sales wins should reflect an accurate forecast that’s built from historical data, AI insights, real-time activity, and more. If you enable your teams with the right tools and processes, they’ll be able to predict revenue outcomes within 10% — even The Long Island Medium would be impressed. It all comes back to revenue confidence.

Discover how your team can achieve this in our newest eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Forecasting Confidence.” You’ll learn how best-in-class revenue leaders nail their number in week 1.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • The impacts of missing your forecast — there’s more than you think!
  • 3 key factors you need in your accurate forecast equation.
  • How to inspect your current and out-quarter pipeline like a pro.
  • Best practices for sales coaching during one-on-one sales meetings to ensure the pipeline stays on track throughout the quarter.

Enjoy a sneak peek below and download the full ebook here!

Ready to toss that crystal ball aside?

Discover the true path to accurate forecasting and revenue confidence.

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Rev Up Your Forecast with AI

The ugly truth is that most forecasts fail. But it doesn't have to be that way. Learn how leading B2B companies are leveraging AI to predict business outcomes more accurately.

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