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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: Clari Can Help Teams Stop Revenue Leak

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How much does revenue leak cost your business each year?

If you’re like the average company, it adds up to 14.9% in revenue.*

But if you’re like Clari customers, you beat revenue leakage. Your revenue is a predictable, repeatable, and precise process, leading to more than a 39% increase in revenue capture, according to a Clari Labs survey completed in May 2022.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Forrester just completed The Total Economic Impact™ Of Clari Revenue Platform, commissioned by Clari, and we think their results make it clear. 

Companies using Clari can see huge leaps in revenue capture. 

In fact, a chief revenue officer at a data technology company told Forrester this about Clari: “If you combine manager productivity, rep productivity, RevOps productivity—all the soft benefits and the hard benefits of bringing in deals that otherwise would have slipped—it’s a no-brainer.” 

Three major findings stand out to us from Forrester’s TEI study of Clari. 

1. With Clari, companies can beat revenue leak 

Across the board, Forrester found that Clari increased win rates by 10%, thanks to visibility into pipeline and insights to save deals. One CRO in data technology says: “We are now able to course correct on those deals that might be slipping, [and we can] be way more efficient in attacking those things before they’re problems—[that] increases cycle times. I can absolutely attribute that to Clari, no doubt.” 

A communications technology company cited in the study used Clari to prevent 5-10% in revenue leak. 

Sales teams aren’t the only ones that benefit, either. Customer success teams can apply the same process to identify accounts at risk and take action. The companies Forrester spoke to “expected their customer success teams to realize benefits similar to those of their sales teams.”

2. Revenue precision means better investments 

With visibility across the organization, revenue-critical teams can invest confidently. 

A CRO in communications technology says of Clari: “You feel more comfortable and confident in the decisions you’re making around investments and what [actions] you are going to [take]—whether that’s marketing investments, or hiring investments, or scaling.” 

Forrester found that using Clari improved forecast accuracy from more than 10% off the mark to closer than 5%, preventing hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted investments. 

A director of sales operations at a data technology company says: “Having all our forecasts and data in one place is valuable. Having confidence in it is huge.” 

3. Sales teams love selling with Clari

Before Clari, most sales teams struggled with outdated tools like spreadsheets, which were standardized and relied on human input for data, which made them rife for mistakes. Clari changes that. 

“Everyone wanted to start using Clari,” says one senior director of sales technology, business technology. “Field sellers hated going into [our CRM], but they liked Clari. Clari nailed the workflow—the way that a salesperson thinks, including how they want to input notes and manage opportunities.” 

In fact, Forrester found that Clari reduced time spent on forecasting and related activities by 90%. 

Reps aren’t the only ones embracing Clari. 

With Clari, frontline managers can focus their time coaching rather than trying to figure out where a deal is. A director of regional sales in communication technology says: “Clari makes it very easy to just go in and know what’s happening right away.” 

Turn your revenue leak into revenue precision with Clari 

With Clari’s centralized and real-time data, you can govern your revenue at every level. Collaborate across all revenue-critical teams: not just sales but also marketing, customer success, customer support, and even functions like finance and operations. With this kind of collaboration and governance, you’ll see revenue precision, better investments, and time spent on what matters to achieve higher win rates.

Oh, and we saved the best finding for last: Forrester found that Clari can deliver 448% return on investment with payback in less than six months.

Your investment in Clari could be smaller than your revenue leak. Want to find out how much you’re losing and how much you could protect with Clari? Take our Revenue Leak Assessment. Enter your stats into the calculator, and you’ll see which factors are contributing to revenue leak, along with how much you stand to lose. To get a comprehensive view of your risk and specific ways Clari can help you achieve revenue precision, download the customized version of the assessment.

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