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Clari Unveils Revenue Collaboration and Governance, Acquisition of Wingman (now Copilot)

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Now, more than ever, CEOs need to answer the most important question in business: “Are you going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue?” 

Clari’s new strategic framework, Revenue Collaboration & Governance, is purpose-built to allow executives to handle the increasing pressure of delivering on revenue, and confidently answer that question. 

Revenue data is central to that framework, and one of the most valuable sources of revenue data comes from direct communication with prospects—conversation intelligence. 

A major part of our strategic vision is conversation intelligence, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Clari has acquired Wingman (now Copilot), a leader in CI. This gives Clari’s Revenue Platform the unprecedented ability to analyze customer and employee conversation data, extract valuable AI-driven insights, and reliably predict all revenue outcomes.

“When we first began to explore a partnership with Clari, we could clearly see a mutual focus on helping our customers win, in addition to having a shared culture and values. We are thrilled to have become part of the Clari family and cannot wait to build the future of technology for revenue teams,” says Shruti Kapoor, co-founder and CEO of Wingman.

The full value of conversation intelligence has never been fully realized, until now. Clari helps your team move beyond siloed, departmental systems and processes that cause endless breakdowns across your revenue process, and brings all revenue-critical employees into a unified platform to run revenue.

Let’s talk about why all of this—Revenue Collaboration & Governance, Wingman (now Copilot)—matters so much. It’s not about us, but about the customers and fellow executives I hear from, constantly. 

What executives want to talk about

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two years speaking with management teams, boards, and CEOs. Based on those conversations, my biggest realization is that business success isn’t about revenue operations—it’s about Revenue.

  • They can’t see what is happening in their business
  • They can’t control the processes they’re responsible for
  • They can’t accurately predict results

They don’t have an enterprise system to run revenue.

They can’t confidently know where the business stands, or what actions they should take to drive more, and consistent, revenue. 

During periods of market instability, most CEOs attempt to drive efficiency with an over-focus on cutting costs. Obviously, it makes sense to spend prudently. 

But I recommend that leaders apply another lens to their business to navigate uncertainty. There’s a bigger problem that’s hiding in plain sight and can be easier to fix—revenue leak.

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The revenue leak crisis

Addressing revenue leak is an increasing priority for global enterprises as they strive to secure their revenue streams and quickly reduce the negative impact of an economic slowdown.

Revenue leak, which refers to sales earned but not realized, is the biggest problem in business that’s hiding in plain sight. The Boston Consulting Group estimates revenue leak comprises over $2 trillion a year in missed revenue capture, sales waste, and lost enterprise value. 

On average, companies leak 14.9% of their revenue before becoming Clari customers, according to Clari data science teams. Clari’s researchers identified over $26 billion in revenue leak occurring per year across some 550 customers prior to using a revenue platform, causing a material drag on sales, growth, earnings, and company value.

Everyone knows this is happening, but it’s accepted as the status quo. Top companies don’t operate this way. They work tirelessly to root out and plug leak points, and achieve revenue precision.

Driving revenue precision

Revenue precision is the operating standard that results in the full capture of revenue with predictability and repeatability. Revenue precision is achieved when people, processes, and systems work seamlessly together. This allows for the full capture of revenue, predictably and repeatedly. 

This means discovering their blind spots, consolidating their tools and processes, and ensuring constant collaboration between their teams. Clari researchers found that after just one year on Clari’s Revenue Platform, companies captured an additional $9.6 billion in revenue that would have otherwise leaked.

Even in the best of times, companies need revenue precision. However, the strains caused by the broader macroeconomic environment make revenue precision all the more important when tightening leaks and running as efficiently as possible.  

Revenue Collaboration & Governance 

Revenue Collaboration & Governance is a strategic framework that brings together every revenue-critical employee in every department to collaborate on revenue, and governs every component of the revenue process for execution at scale. 

By managing revenue as an enterprise process instead of an individual or departmental function, companies are able to stop revenue leak, achieve revenue precision, and know with certainty if they’re going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue.

Revenue Collaboration & Governance unifies the entire end-to-end revenue process by connecting the revenue-critical people to the systems in the business that work on capturing and generating revenue. From inflation to supply chain issues to COVID, CEOs face a host of challenges they can’t control. 

What they can control is knowing the precise revenue potential of their customers—and how to get the most out of their revenue engine and answer the important question with confidence. 

That’s how CEOs plug revenue leak, and grow, despite any market turmoil. 

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Copilot Takes Flight

Clari’s acquisition of Wingman (now Copilot) will help customers turn recorded conversations into a strategic asset for spotting revenue leak and driving revenue precision. At a time when leaders are looking to unify their teams and their tech stacks, adding Copilot solidifies Clari’s position as the only enterprise platform for running the end-to-end revenue process.  

Copilot's conversation intelligence technology leads the market in real-time guidance and coaching capabilities, providing actionable insights when sellers need them most to help close deals faster. Revenue leadership can scale teams, methodologies, and go-to-market strategies with confidence, knowing that all team members will have the latest messaging and collateral at their fingertips, in every conversation.

With the addition of Copilot, Clari’s Revenue Platform captures a complete, real-time view of the business. Turning the unstructured data from conversation intelligence into structured insights is a critical capability for the modern revenue platform, when multi-stakeholder, multi-channel buying processes make it harder and harder to rely on manually entered CRM data.

Data is only beneficial if it is used to make better decisions. Together, Clari and Copilot provide novel insights and targeted recommendations that produce predictable outcomes, quarter after quarter.

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Watch: Clari at Nasdaq

But no matter the platform, no matter which tools your business employs, protecting revenue is the number one focus of CEOs in an economic downturn

Watch me and Jennifer Morgan, the Global Head of Portfolio Operations at Blackstone, in a virtual conversation live-streamed from Nasdaq, along with moderator Jill Malandrino, Global Markets reporter and host of “TradeTalks” at Nasdaq. 

Together, we discussed how revenue leak exacerbates challenges in tough economic times and how Revenue Collaboration & Governance holds the answer. 

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