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Pipeline Management

For the first time, see the true state of your pipeline.

Gain total pipeline visibility so you can understand what coverage you have in current and future quarters and how much more you need to make your numbers.

Know where you stand and what to do next.

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Spot pipeline risk and upside in real time.

Get a real-time look at which deals are moving, stalled, or at risk, and use those insights to identify risk and coach your reps to success. All changes to sales opportunity data are instantly reflected, so you’re always looking at the most accurate representation of your pipeline.

Visualize every movement in your pipeline.

Stylized product screenshot of deal flow report showing a deal moving from commit to slipped Stylized product screenshot of a deal activity report with emails received, days to close, deal size, and score Stylized product screenshot showing the top factors of a deal score increasing from 62 to 93
  • Deal Flow

    Understand pipeline changes and zero in on the root cause of slipped deals—so you can get them back on track.

  • Deal Activity

    Get a comprehensive view of rep and prospect engagement—using data from emails, meetings, files and more—that shows exactly where engagement could be improved.

  • Opportunity Scoring

    Easily identify at-risk deals and coach your reps to steer them in the right direction.

Prioritize the right deals based on actionable revenue insights.

Prioritize the right deals and know exactly where to run plays.

Make your pipeline discussions more productive with more actionable insights. Clari’s arsenal of data visualizations, purpose-built for go-to-market teams, provides sales leaders with different views of key deals and KPIs at every level of your organization—giving you the power to prioritize deals based on concrete data.

Clari helps teams win more.

Clari customers have increased their win rate by 7% in their first year and 15% by their second year, on average.

Identify trends to improve your coaching.

See what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve moving forward—with historical and trending pipeline analysis and visualizations.

Stylized product screenshot of quarter replay report showing LQ attainment, LQ forecast accuracy, pipe coverage

Quarter replay

Share insights from how the previous quarter played out—at every level of the organization.

Stylized product screenshot showing the pipeline to closed funnel of the current quarter versus previous quarters

Quarter-over-quarter comparison

Know if you’ll hit your numbers based on historical conversion patterns.

Stylized product screenshot of a report showing total revenue closed by sales rep

Team coaching

Analyze activity trends—from the VP of sales to individual reps.

Our sales leaders use insights like pipeline coverage and deal-level forecasting to provide in-the-moment coaching in a more scalable and actionable way.

Mike Domazet
Chief Pipeline Officer, PTC

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