CRM Automation

For the first time, your CRM data is complete.

While reps spend a considerable amount of their time on data entry, roughly 70% of the buyers they meet with aren’t logged in a CRM. Reps aren’t neglectful—they’re facing an impossible task. Clari solves this by using AI to automatically capture all your sales and activity data, so reps aren’t wasting time on unproductive manual entry. The result? Sales leaders can coach and strategize based on complete data and reps can spend more time closing deals.

Reduce time reps spend on administration by 80%.

Contact Creation Opportunity Association Activity Logging
  • Contact Creation

    Clari captures every sales contact and automatically adds them to your CRM.

  • Opportunity Association

    Clari uses automation to make sure new and existing contacts are associated with the appropriate opportunities.

  • Activity Logging

    Clari uses customer engagement data captured from emails, calendars and more, to create detailed activity records in your CRM.

How CRM automation works.

Clari harvests activity metadata and external participants from calendar invites, email threads and more, and then uses that data to create new contacts and activities within your CRM. Then it automatically fills in contact information—like names, titles and phone numbers—and associates contacts with their respective opportunities. The result? You get better data, faster—all without lifting a finger.

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CRM automation for your entire revenue team.

With all your contact and activity data neatly recorded in your CRM, it’s time to put it to work.

Relationship Mapping

Relationship Mapping

See the exact status of key stakeholders engaged in your deals and the strength of each relationship.

Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Gain better and more complete contact data for your attribution solution.

Buying Group Nurturing

Buying Group Nurturing

Include every contact engaged with your sellers in nurture campaigns to drive deal acceleration.

Clari provides the most accurate view of our business—pulling signals not only from CRM but also email, calendar and our customer messaging platform.

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