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Workday + Clari: Unlocking a New Level of Planning & Execution

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Andy Byrne
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Banner image displaying Workday Ventures and Clari logos
Banner image displaying Workday Ventures and Clari logos

I’m thrilled to announce that Clari has received a strategic investment from Workday Ventures as an extension of our Series E investment round. Clari, the revenue operations platform, and Workday also announced a partnership through the Workday Software Partner Program, aimed at integrating Clari’s AI-powered sales forecasting insights with Workday Adaptive Planning’s financial planning and reporting workflows, giving companies greater predictability and visibility into future results. 

As business leaders plan all dimensions of their growth with Workday, Clari’s revenue operations platform offers the insight to ensure those plans have come to fruition, and predict where those plans will land. This partnership bridges the gap between sales and finance, offering full transparency into every stage of sales and renewals, laddering up to forecasts powered by data and artificial intelligence.  

I liken success to opening a lock - and the right product, mission, people, and partners are the keys to success that open new pathways to corporate growth. That’s the power of this new Workday and Clari partnership. 

Revenue Operations: The Must-Have New Category 

At Clari we have seen revenue operations become the center of gravity for the entire company, powering the most critical business processes from the boardroom to the front line. Revenue operations is extending its reach, and we’re still at the start of this sea-change in operationalizing growth. 

We first saw sales leaders and their teams embracing revenue operations, who in turn saw an immediate impact. No more spending hours pulling together data in sales report spreadsheets that were outdated almost as soon as they shipped. With Clari, sales professionals can immediately see every aspect of their deals in real time, saving them hours, while also powering deeper conversations about strategies and goals, since everyone is working off the same source of truth. 

Now we see revenue operations folding in the marketing and customer success teams, tracking pipeline and customer retention. Our predictive AI even suggests the amount of pipeline needed in future quarters to meet future sales targets. We're also seeing interest from finance teams and chief financial officers, who appreciate the value of having revenue forecasts that, by just the second week of a quarter, reliably land within 7% of the end-of-quarter tallies. That, to me, is incredibly powerful. With better forecasting, leaders can better plan for the future. They can make smarter decisions about hiring or product investments to drive even more growth, because they have more concrete financial information on which to base their decisions. 

When I talk to our customer companies’ CEOs and board members, time and time again, they tell me: “With Clari’s forecasting, I now know every lever to pull.”

We also see more boardroom conversations happening around Clari. CEOs tell us they can hop off a plane, open the Clari app, and within seconds know exactly where their revenue operations stand. In board meetings, executive staff just pull up Clari and use the customizable dashboards to drive leadership conversations that offer key insight for the future of the company. 

Clari allows leaders to zoom out and examine the entire revenue operations process more holistically, and to manage growth across the entire organization. Clari offers the forensic insight that Wall Street demands, empowering leaders to say, “This is where we will be a quarter from now, a year from now, and I can show you how in Clari.” 

We even hear it in calls with analysts:

“Clari gives us artificial intelligence information, predictability into pipeline, and deal level insights allowing management to better understand where the reps are spending their time and the exact status of deals at a macro view,” Seth Ravin, the CEO of Rimini Street, said on a recent shareholder call when asked to what he attributed the company’s stellar performance that quarter. 

In other words, Clari is becoming the de facto authority on growth and execution from boardroom to the front line—and with Workday’s support, we’re unlocking new opportunities for our customers.

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