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Revenue Operations: The Breakthrough Category Accelerates

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Stylized illustration of the G2 grid for revenue operations showing Clari at the top right
Stylized illustration of the G2 grid for revenue operations showing Clari at the top right

The next phase of RevOps is here: Revenue operations technology is a category of its own.

We’re excited to announce that G2 has established a category for Revenue Operations Software, and Clari is #1 in the category.

This news further signals a fundamental shift in the way modern businesses approach growth.

As Clari’s chief revenue officer and a long-time revenue leader, I’ve seen revenue operations technology evolve from a nice-to-have tool to a vital component of successful companies’ tech stacks. With RevOps technology in place, organizations gain holistic insight into their business’ health, along with the data they need to realize predictable revenue well into the future.

I’m a revenue operations believer because I’ve experienced the impact firsthand. Before I came to Clari, I used to sit for hours in airport lounges compiling spreadsheets and crunching numbers for sales forecasts on my way to client meetings. Today, I can discuss our pipeline, forecast, and top deals with almost no prep, whether it’s for a company all-hands, a board report, or a one-on-one, because Clari does all that work for me—in a way that’s more accurate and with better predictions. 

Now, I apply Clari’s insights with initiatives that power our strategic growth, while also driving rigor and alignment throughout our go-to-market teams. With Clari, we’re all in pursuit of exceeding our goals and achieving predictable revenue together.

Clari empowers leaders from the front line to the boardroom on both the macro and micro levels. The C-suite can zoom out to view industry-leading forecasts by quarter, territory, or line of business in order to gain perspective on the long-term trajectory of their revenue operations. They can also zoom in to the day-to-day initiatives and deals that will achieve their growth targets.

Our category leadership is a testament to Clari’s position at the forefront of RevOps technology. I’m immensely proud of this honor, and I know our talented team and the trust of our customers made it possible. Clari’s CEO Andy Byrne shares that sentiment.

Revenue operations is gaining rapid momentum, and Clari is leading the charge,” says Byrne. “G2’s recognition is yet another example of how critical revenue operations has become for organizations looking to grow faster, outlast the competition, and take control of their revenue.”

G2 is the world’s largest technology marketplace, with more than 5 million site visitors and over 1 million authentic customer reviews. Michael Gigante, a research associate at G2, shared more detail on why RevOps merits a distinct category.

“As the demand for revenue operations increased, so has the revenue operations software market,” Gigante says. “We decided it was time to recognize this market and create a category for revenue operations software on G2 where buyers can come and see the top-rated revenue operations offerings.”

G2 isn’t alone in recognizing the growing demand for RevOps solutions.

In the past few years, firms including Gartner, Forrester, and Boston Consulting Group have researched the rise of revenue operations. They found that revenue operations and its core values of collaboration, trust, and transparency are rapidly gaining traction among the world’s most successful and fastest growing companies.

“Businesses have started to understand that in order to retain customers and drive more predictable revenue,” says Gigante, “there needs to be alignment across marketing, sales, customer success, and other departments that are involved with influencing revenue.” 

As top organizations continue to realize the value of revenue operations, they’re also learning that RevOps technology is much more than optional.

Companies such as Zoom, Okta, and Sumo Logic have seen firsthand why revenue operations technology is essential equipment for driving predictable growth at scale.

With RevOps technology:

  • Zoom’s stock price skyrocketed by 72% on their first day as a public company
  • Okta maintains 40% year-over-year growth and recently completed a $6.5 billion acquisition
  • Sumo Logic made a successful initial public offering amid the challenges of a global pandemic

With successes like that, it’s safe to say that revenue operations has moved past its “emerging” label to become a bonafide must-have in the sales and marketing stack.

The results of revenue operations technology speak for themselves.

Here’s what Clari customers are saying in G2 reviews:

  • “Clari is the Chief of Staff for Every Sales Manager/Leader”

  • “Clari is Mission Critical to Successful Sales”

  • “Clari is a game changer! I got my Sunday afternoons back!”

  • “Best In Class Forecasting & Analytics”

  • “Wouldn't do sales without it”

  • “Forecasting has never been so easy”

  • “Helps me achieve my quota objectives”

Next-generation revenue leaders from sales to marketing to customer success, who are embracing alignment, collaboration, and trust, are rethinking the way businesses grow. As organizations seek greater revenue predictability at scale, Clari continues to lead the revenue operations movement—Generation Revenue—into the future.

Request a demo to speak with one of our revenue experts. For more customer perspectives, check out Clari’s customer stories here.

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