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9 Revenue Leaders Share Why They Trust Clari

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Many revenue leaders expect that implementing new technology will be a complex, lengthy process that demands significant time and energy, not to mention resources, from all teams involved. They’re not off base. Historically, time-consuming and disruptive transitions have been the norm, and a smooth switchover was wishful thinking. Businesses simply accept that change is hard, and in turn, accept traditional approaches to change management, according to Harvard Business Review

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Revenue operations leaders don’t have to settle for the status quo. Reducing friction and disruption throughout the go-live process is what Clari does. We help our customers gain value in days, not months. We can tell you that ourselves, and so can our G2 awards for “Best Usability,” “Best Results,” and  “Top 50 BEST Enterprise Products of 2021.” Still, we know our enterprise and hypergrowth customers say it best.

Nine customers share how Clari delivers results they can trust.

1. Accelerating time to value across your team 

With new revenue technology, getting started shouldn’t be a challenge. Implementing a new system across your organization’s mission-critical revenue engine needs to be seamless. A smooth implementation can help organizations avoid pitfalls like lost sales productivity or stalled deals. It’s also important to clearly demonstrate the value of the new technology for stakeholders across the business—from board members to front-line sales reps.

Everyone involved in revenue operations must be able to see and understand the return on a tech investment as quickly as possible. On their first day using Clari, sales reps can build dashboards themselves, so they can quickly access and analyze real-time data in a turnkey solution that helps them sell.

Here’s what customers say: 

“Two weeks after deploying Clari, we knew where we were going to land at the end of the quarter.”
—Dillon Blake, Director of Sales Operations, Motus, LLC

“We needed a platform that quickly brought to light pipeline health, deal focus (where we can win and when to walk), and consolidated forecasts in one spot. With Clari, it’s easy for reps to make key updates on all opps in one place. AI-based reporting drives deal focus, as well as more insight into our sales motions.”
Vice President of Sales Operations on G2  

“Within the first 30 minutes of using the platform, I had built my own report and my own dashboard. I was able to organize all of the information we pulled from [our CRM] into an easy-to-consume way that provided me with a visual overview of the health of my business.”
—Account Executive on G2

2. Becoming your strategic advisor for long-term success 

There’s a reason why hypergrowth and enterprise companies choose Clari: partnership. We know that an organization’s success is best measured by the success of the businesses and people it serves. We focus on establishing long-term, transformational partnerships that help organizations predictably scale and achieve their strategic growth goals—whether that’s securing series funding, mergers and acquisitions, meeting private equity expectations, or launching an initial public offering. 

Clari’s customer success and account management teams are trusted advisors for our customers—continuously helping them maximize their technology use, as well as finding new ways to help them succeed. That partnership takes many forms, including best-practice frameworks, thought leadership, executive training, and a customer community. We share our strategic guidance to position customers for the next stage in their growth journeys—both today and into the future. 

Here’s what RevOps leaders had to say:

"I buy a lot of software, and I have never interacted with a customer success team like Clari that wants to partner with us and constantly stay in tune with our business and strategic goals.”
Dan Jacobs, Vice President of Commercial Finance and Sales Operations, Finastra

“The Clari ecosystem has brought incredibly valuable professional and personal relationships. Having a place to build those connections is paramount, especially in this new era of virtual connection. Some of our best practices have come from learning how other customers use Clari. I’m looking forward to learning and growing together with other revenue leaders.”
—Rickie Goyal, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Operations and Development, ThoughtSpot

“I’ve implemented many systems in our go-to-market technology stack. The level of best practices, strategic guidance, and revenue process expertise that Clari provides is best in class.”
—Debra Estrada, Global Vice President, Revenue Operations, WalkMe

3. Enhancing your sales productivity quickly

Salespeople should have the time and resources they need to focus on engaging with prospects and meeting their individual and organization-level goals. Time-consuming activities like data entry, spreadsheet management, and other manual tasks prevent reps from focusing on initiatives like driving top-line growth. Leaders choose a technology partner that powers sales productivity, ultimately making selling and forecasting more predictable. Clari customers know this well. Here’s how they’re supporting their teams through technology: 

"The out-of-the-box functionality is amazing. Analysis on deal progression that would have previously taken weeks in Excel was configured on day one and is automatically up-to-date. This truly is a productivity play for the organizations looking to close deals more strategically and efficiently.”
Frank Devine, Go-To-Market Applications Manager, Talend, via G2 Review  

"The AI projections are eerily accurate. We know how the quarter will finish, within weeks of when it starts, and can take action to produce the best quarterly outcomes.”
Michael Wing, President, Worldwide Field Operations, VAST Data

“Clari has helped me increase my daily productivity by bringing together everything in one location. The time spent updating opps and my forecast has been cut in half.”
Account Executive on G2

Time is a precious resource, and the technology revenue operations leaders use shouldn’t slow them down. As the leader in RevOps technology, Clari delivers the insights that revenue teams need—from sales to finance to marketing to customer success—to speed up their processes, gain new efficiencies, predictably win deals, and ultimately grow revenue. 

Interested in learning more? Request a demo to speak with one of our revenue experts.

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