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How to Make Your 1:1s More Productive Using Clari

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Stylized image of two striped beach chairs on top of a giant laptop keyboard
Stylized image of two striped beach chairs on top of a giant laptop keyboard

It's officially spring, which means that sweet, sweet summer vacation is right around the corner. Studies have shown that disconnecting from work improves performance. However, despite the benefits, we all know that feeling: As time off comes to a close, thoughts of the work piling up at the office inevitably start to creep in.

And here's another simple truth: The larger your sales team, the longer it's going to take to catch up and get back on track and get up to speed on where all of the deals sit.

Luckily, Clari solves that problem.

For our monthly demo jam competition, we tackled this scenario:

You're a manager, returning from a two-week vacation. How do you spot what deals you want to cover with the reps in your 1:1 sales meetings?

Challenge accepted: how to use Clari for 1:1 sales meetings

The Opportunity Management grid in Clari gives reps and their managers an overview of all of the active deals in the pipeline. From here, managers can do a quick spot check in a few areas to get up to speed fast—even if they've been lounging at the beach for the past two weeks.

Critical color coding

The Opportunity Management grid not only aggregates every deal in one table, it also automatically highlights critical changes within each deal. Fields like deal size, close date, and forecast stage turn red or green so that your sales managers can easily identify favorable or unfavorable changes to opportunities at a glance.

CRM Score

The CRM Score is calculated using Clari's AI and machine learning analysis of historic win and loss data to predict which deals are most likely to close. A higher score means that the deal is more likely to close so managers can easily identify and spend time with their rep strategizing around deals that need more attention.

Sales activity data

Clari automatically harvests sales activity and customer engagement data for each opportunity from a variety of sources, including sales rep email, meetings, attachments, and dozens of business systems and sales tools. Clari aggregates the data so that managers can easily identify which deals are engaged and where they may need to run plays to re-engage. They can also quickly see which deals their reps are working and spot the ones that require more attention.