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How Carbon Black Reached 95% Forecast Accuracy on the Ramp to IPO

Laura Quiambao

Laura Quiambao
Content Marketing, Clari

How Carbon Black Reached 95% Forecast Accuracy on the Ramp to IPO

American philosopher John Dewey once said, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” Inspiring, but for many revenue teams in hyper-growth, it rings true in a very challenging way.

Too often, it’s a herculean effort to even accurately forecast revenue goals let alone achieve them. And by the time you're done fighting to pull together forecasting reports, analyzing them for actionable insights, and pushing to meet goals, it’s time to do it all over again — typically with higher, more complex targets. If it smells like something’s burning, it might be your revenue teams burning out from the grind.

At the beginning of each quarter, revenue teams do their best to evaluate and forecast where opportunities will land. But when they spend hours pulling together spreadsheets that reflect outdated CRM data, they end up having to rely too heavily on their gut.

According to CSO Insights’ research, subjective forecasts have a win rate of only 47.3%. The burden isn’t entirely on the sales rep, the same study found that a lack of predictive analytics based on historical data and inaccurate data were the main hurdles to achieving accurate forecasts.

In order to turn forecasting uncertainty into revenue confidence, you need the right tools that enable you to master pipeline health and understand sales activity throughout the entire quarter.

Before Clari, the teams at Carbon Black, a leading cloud-based cybersecurity company, were experiencing a similar burn. Although their numbers were trending ‘up and to the right’ as they geared up for IPO, every quarter felt like a herculean effort. With Clari’s help, they rebuilt their sales playbook from the ground up, increased accuracy in their forecast, and are now delivering results with confidence.

In this case study, learn how they went from feeling the heat of burn out, to lighting their path to revenue confidence — and how you can too!

You’ll see how they:

  • Turned a lack of clean data and process into a predictable operating rhythm.
  • Went from operating with static, inaccurate data to real-time accuracy.
  • Gained a holistic view of the pipeline to focus the team’s time on the right deals.
  • Reached 95% forecast accuracy on the ramp to IPO.

Read the full case study

Ready to guide your team to revenue success — no herculean effort required?

Clari is here to help light the way! Discover the true path to accurate forecasting and revenue confidence.

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