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Clari Playbook: Account Engagement, the Key to Winning Customers and Growing Revenue

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Stephanie Glass
Director of Product Marketing at Clari



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Banner that says Clari Playbook with a sports play diagram illustration on a dark blue background
Banner that says Clari Playbook with a sports play diagram illustration on a dark blue background

For many revenue teams, navigating today’s economic landscape and digital-first world feels like you’re in a high-speed race. Even though your mind is on the finish line, your focus needs to be one the obstacles arising from all directions, trying to throw you off course. Agility is key. This is not the time for blindspots.

Just like cars have more blindspot solutions today (thank you, back up camera), winning revenue teams leverage new tools to gain the visibility they need to win the race quarter over quarter. Clari Account Engagement solves this problem.

One of the biggest blindspots for revenue teams is understanding if their teams are executing on their go-to-market strategy throughout the quarter. Your team can execute their plans perfectly, but if you can’t measure how accounts are responding in real-time, it can mean game over for your business.

While your revenue teams are operating in a remote selling environment, the right set of tools can help them stay aligned. Operations, marketing, sales, customer success—your teams need end-to-end visibility and insights into their outbound metrics and how accounts are engaging back.

In this week’s Clari Playbook, I’m sharing how Clari Account Engagement can:

  • Leverage insights across all account engagement and activity data so teams can easily see which accounts have been touched.
  • Visualize and track where accounts aren’t engaging so reps can prioritize their efforts.
  • Drive reps to better time and account management, so closable deals don’t slip because they’re focusing on only one or two top accounts.
  • Improve 1:1s by giving reps and leaders account information at their fingertips, so they can focus on strategy.
  • Get a birdseye view to help leaders understand coverage and take real-time action.

You’ll learn how these strategies fit together to help your team be prepared for anything that comes their way and secure that first place trophy—hitting their revenue goals with confidence.

Clari Playbook is our newest video series where revenue experts share their best practices around mastering your pipeline, winning your renewals, aligning your go-to-market teams, and so much more.

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Clari Account Engagement empowers your revenue team to align their activities with strategic initiatives. This solution provides you with a clear, continuously updated understanding of how your workforce is interacting with their accounts with AI insights.

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