April 28, 2020

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Clari from Home: Managing Renewals and Churn, Spreadsheet Free

Jessica Starr

Jessica Starr

Jessica Starr
Jessica Starr

Director Customer Success Operations

Clari From Home Episode 4

Focusing on customers has always been a top priority for companies and, right now, it’s more critical than ever. But how do you know which customers to focus on? Or, how to help your team prioritize your customer success strategy in order to maximize retention? Visibility into the churn forecast is critical because identifying risks early is key to achieving predictable revenue.

We have a confession. In the early days of Clari, we actually ran our renewals out of spreadsheets, operating with stale data, siloed away from the rest of the revenue team. This led to many challenges and wasn't sustainable, so we created a churn forecast with our forecasting module.

The switch to using Clari enabled us to not only align with our sales teams, but also with finance, the executive team, and the board to provide complete visibility and real-time updates on where we stand. We can also pinpoint risk and opportunities in the portfolio to improve our retention.

Take a look at how we manage the churn forecasting process through Clari here:

For more insights about how to inspect deals and better understand the true health of your pipeline, read:

Clari from Home is a series where our revenue experts will be sharing their tips and tricks for getting the most out of Clari — and how you can do the same to be the most efficient, effective, and remarkable you can be.


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