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Clari Named a Leader in Revenue Operations and Intelligence

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Banner image with Forrester Wave Leader 2022 Revenue Operations and Intelligence badge
Banner image with Forrester Wave Leader 2022 Revenue Operations and Intelligence badge

At Clari, we have a set of values that everyone in the company wears on their sleeve—literally, as all employees receive a set of T-shirts emblazoned with the icons and slogans. Those values include being “One with Customers.” Specifically: When they win, we win. 

That translates into nothing less than a relentless company culture focused on making every one of our customers successful. 

Today, Clari was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ for Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I)—a remarkable milestone in our journey toward making every company’s revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable. You can download the report here.

We believe Forrester has reinforced what 500-plus customers already know: No other revenue operations vendor provides a strategic revenue management platform as robust and valuable as Clari's. Being named a Leader is the culmination of years of work to help our customers achieve their fullest potential.

And we’re just starting. 

A Strategic Leader Amid the Forrester Wave™

According to Forrester’s evaluation, “enterprise sales leaders in all verticals seeking accountability, transparency and predictability in revenue management should consider Clari.”

For this Forrester Wave™ Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) report, analysts evaluated 14 providers across 28 criteria, grouped into three categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. 

Clari received the highest score possible, 5 out of 5 in 14 criteria, including critical areas such as:

  • Data architecture and environment
  • Data management
  • Account insights
  • Deal/opportunity insights 
  • Pipeline management
  • Forecasting insights
  • User and customer experience
  • Market approach 

Our customers know this already, because they’ve seen the strategic power of all of these key capabilities in their own business. 

“Clari provides huge value in understanding the state of my forecast and pipeline to then prioritize my actions to take to improve the levers of quality, quantity, and time," says Tealium CRO Ted Purcell.

And it becomes a virtuous cycle, as our customers and partners then leverage Clari to better support their own ecosystem. 

Says Todd Olson, the CEO and founder of Pendo: Pendo's partnership with Clari has been built on trust, a demonstrated ability to deliver results, and a continuous pace of innovation to meet customer needs. Clari is a trusted advisor as we progress to our next stage of growth."

Banner image that says Clari Named a Leader in Revenue Operations and Intelligence

The Art of Revenue Becomes Science

Years ago, I walked laps around the Sequoia Capital parking lot, thinking up my next big idea. I wasn’t yet envisioning a movement like the one Clari has kickstarted with our customers. 

Today, I see Clari’s path clearly. We’re here to turn the art of revenue into a science. For every company still working in spreadsheets and slide decks, from the sales desks to board rooms, Clari offers a time-saving, data-driven solution that takes the guesswork out of revenue, and instead runs it like a process. In turn, that empowers executives to make better investments and strategic business decisions.

I see that future in Forrester’s own comments about Clari. 

Clari “now has the resources to significantly scale the organization in other regions and verticals outside of high tech where revenue operations approaches are still nascent,” writes Forrester.

The Science and Art of Revenue Operations and Intelligence

We saw evidence of this trend in a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Clari, released in August 2021. Forrester Consulting found that the adoption of RevOps technology is expected to spike from 30% to 93% through the end of 2024, among survey respondents. 

Half of the respondents face challenges in predicting revenue. The fast pace of business change, the increasing complexity of the buyer journey, the remote work shift, and the introduction of new revenue models, all contribute to these challenges. 

Meanwhile, companies that adopted an RO&I process are almost three times more likely to forecast with at least 95% accuracy on a monthly basis, according to Forrester’s study. Additionally, 69% report seeing better revenue performance.

All those data points add up to what many of our customers describe as the art and science of revenue operations. 

There’s still an art to how a CRO makes their quarterly number. But by leveraging platforms like Clari, they can spend their time strategizing rather than reporting. They can focus on pulling specific deals forward, aligning an executive call to help close a deal, or supporting key reps through coaching

Clari is so transparent and accurate that CEOs have stopped using presentations, and started conducting board meetings straight from Clari. 

Clari is the only revenue platform that lets you run an end-to-end revenue process with total transparency to your data and total control over your quarterly cadence, so that you can execute on all of your strategic goals from the CEO down to the front line. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, of course. We wouldn’t be here without our customers, so I’ll let one of our CRO customers take us home: 

“As a late-stage company, there's no room for errors,” says Thomas Hansen, the chief revenue officer of UiPath and a four-time Clari customer. “You have to deliver your incremental revenue on budget, your billings on budget, with quarterly accountability and minimal variation to your forecast. 

“That requires discipline, art, science, and Clari.”

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