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Clari from Home: Get a pulse on account health in a digital world

Headshot photograph of Holly Procter, SVP - Global Head of Sales at Clari

Holly Procter
VP of Sales at Clari



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Clari from Home banner featuring a photograph of a revenue leader talking on a phone at a computer
Clari from Home banner featuring a photograph of a revenue leader talking on a phone at a computer

Smile, make eye contact, lean in, use gestures, shake hands — these non-verbal communication tips feel a little different in our primarily virtual world.

Non-verbal communication has always been the bridge for building human connection and trust. It’s not only an important part of our everyday lives, it's a critical part of gauging how interested and invested prospects really are so we can accurately and confidently forecast. My sales team and I have really missed sitting face to face with customers, having lively conversations, and making personal connections through the sales process.

The truth is, we rely on non-verbal, immediate feedback to help us gauge how well our ideas are being accepted. On a Zoom call it’s harder to tell if the prospect or customer is engaged, just following along, or distracted — especially when the slides we’re presenting fill the screen.

The most challenging question of our digital sales landscape right now is: How can we gauge the level of engagement from our customers or prospects?

We’ve sent a handful of emails to prospects and marketing has been nurturing them with thought leadership content and events. But the true question is, are prospects responding to our outreach?

Sales teams have tons of tools to help them measure sales activity and engagement. But for a sales leader, pulling all that siloed data together in a way that provides meaningful and actionable insights is time consuming.

Today, I’m sharing how I leverage Clari to get a single point of view on the health of my entire organization's pipeline — from the prospect’s point of view. I’ll share how I:

  • Measure prospect responsiveness through a single source of truth visualizing every email, file open, phone call, marketing email engagement, and meetings in my calendar (0:58).
  • See who from the prospect buying team is engaged and which stakeholders we might need to engage or target (3:10).
  • Use activity data to identify deals at risk before they slip (3:48).
  • Analyze historical and scheduled meetings to accurately forecast (4:35).


Clari from Home is a series where our revenue experts will be sharing their tips and tricks for getting the most out of Clari — and how you can do the same to be the most efficient,effective, and remarkable you can be.