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Customer Success

Manage and forecast renewals and upsells with confidence.

Use Clari to identify risk and opportunity in your renewals, forecast churn to track your progress against recurring revenue goals, and ensure your team focuses on the right accounts.

Customer Success has revenue targets, too. Crush them with Clari.

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Easily spot renewal risk and opportunity.

Gain an intuitive view of how renewals are tracking with Clari's activity analytics and AI-based opportunity scoring, to more accurately forecast retained revenue and mitigate risk in your customer base.

Customer success teams can improve forecast accuracy.

Forecast churn with newfound accuracy.

More accurately predict churn with real-time visibility into the health of your renewals, so your team can act proactively to meet your net retention goals and help your organization succeed.

Transform the handoff from sales to customer success.

Make sure your post-sales team focuses on the right accounts.

Grow your customer base beyond the initial deal. Optimize where your implementation, support, customer success, and post-sales teams are spending their time, to improve the customer experience and allocate resources most effectively across your client base.


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Control over Customer Retention

Spot churn before it happens so you can proactively mitigate it.

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Predictable Recurring Revenue

Get ahead of renewal opportunities and collaborate with sales to identify risk ahead of time.

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Propel Customer Expansion

Use customer engagement data to monitor upsell and renewal opportunities so CSMs can exceed their growth targets.

It used to be a clunky post-sale handoff from sales to customer success due to missing contact information. Clari makes it clear who you should engage with.

 Patricia Menadier
Sr. Director Revenue Operations, Armis Security

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Ready to take your revenue to new heights?

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