Enterprises Running Revenue on Clari's Platform Win 24% More Deals, Achieve Gains Across Every Major Revenue Metric

Company unveils Clari Circle to help revenue professionals improve forecast accuracy, prevent slipped deals, and increase sales team productivity.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. August 3, 2023 — Companies running their enterprise revenue process on the Clari Revenue Platform are achieving substantial improvements across key revenue metrics, including average increases in win rates of 24%, 10% fewer slipped deals, 12-fold increases in forecast accuracy, and 80% improvements in productivity. In addition, these gains come as user engagement on the Clari platform is up markedly: The number of Clari users has doubled in the last two years and they are spending, on average, 50% more time running revenue in Clari.

As Clari closes the first half of 2023 with strong momentum, it is also unveiling Clari Circle, a unified hub that seamlessly brings together Clari's Community, University, Knowledge Base, and Support resources, helping revenue professionals learn from experts and each other, master their craft, and accelerate their careers.

In today's challenging business environment, public and private companies alike are reevaluating business strategies, seeking efficiencies and cutting costs, and searching for new growth levers. Increasingly, they are adopting Clari to stop revenue leak, drive faster time to revenue, and win every revenue moment.

Among the new customers adopting Clari to transform their revenue process are Iron Mountain, Pearson, Rocket Software, Remote, Secureframe, Orca Security, and Lavender. Many customers' revenue improvements far exceed group averages: one customer improved its win rate by 75%; several achieved 95-98% forecast accuracy; others slashed time spent updating CRM or preparing internal reports and used the time saved to sell more and close faster.

"The thing that got me most excited when I truly understood Clari's capabilities is that it's a true platform. I can get all of the capabilities I need—of Chorus, of Gong, of, and other tools—all in one single platform. It makes it simple for adoption because there's a single source of truth," said Chris Vik, senior vice president of global sales at Leapwork. "Clari makes it easy to figure out if we're on track with our forecast. Copilot brings up real-time competitive intel to help our sales force be productive and make the right decisions in the moment. Align will make it easy to see where we are in the closing phases or joint evaluation plan. I'm really excited about how Clari's platform is helping us train and enable our sales force."

In addition to helping customers realize strong growth, through July 2023 Clari has:

  • Released the Revenue Cadence Playbook, a comprehensive blueprint that documents and suggests actions for every critical moment in the quarterly sales cycle;
  • Introduced RevAI (formerly RevGPT), a new generative AI solution built into the Clari Revenue Platform that gives companies the ability to get answers to their most critical revenue questions and take action with unprecedented speed and precision;
  • Announced major enhancements to the Clari Revenue Platform to improve strategy, selling, and productivity, including Clari Inspect, four new additions to the RevAI product family, and Clari Copilot;
  • Launched the Clari Integration Hub, a centralized resource that captures and organizes revenue-critical signals from more than 40 integrated technologies and solutions across the revenue ecosystem.

"Economic uncertainty be damned," said Clari CEO Andy Byrne. "That's the message behind the numbers as Clari customers face a tough economy with a multi-pronged strategy to master both cost and revenue. Their success metrics speak for themselves—running revenue with collaboration and governance helps companies stop revenue leak, win more, and work smarter, even during a downturn."

Clari Circle: Learn, master the craft, and accelerate careers

To serve its growing community, the company also unveiled Clari Circle—its updated, centralized hub where members can get answers to their product- and process-related questions, access information to improve their revenue game, and gain in-depth knowledge to accelerate their careers. In addition, community members will have ample opportunity to collaborate, share best practices and success stories, and contribute ideas and content.

Clari Circle members will have access to a comprehensive course catalog via Clari University; a deep Knowledge Base with role-based and workflow-specific information, resources, and tools; centralized support; and Community boards for conversation, collaboration, and information sharing. These resources are now seamlessly integrated with a consistent brand and user experience, making it even easier for users to find what they need to be more productive.

"Running revenue with precision enterprise-wide requires more than best-in-class technology," said Clari Director of Customer Education Scott K. Wilder. "Mastering the emerging art and science of revenue collaboration and governance also requires education, training, support, and interaction with the broader ecosystem of revenue professionals. We're thrilled to launch Clari Circle and look forward to serving our growing community."

Clari Circle is open today to all Clari customers and will soon be expanded to include partners, consultants, and anyone interested in learning how to run revenue with precision. Learn more and register today.

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