Clari Unveils New Playbook and Products to Help Companies Navigate Macroeconomic Turmoil

The world’s revenue leaders convene at Charge: The Revenue Summit to share strategies for stopping revenue leak and driving revenue precision in today’s tough business climate.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – June 6, 2023 – Public and private companies continue to struggle to hit their revenue targets in 2023. New business revenue has slowed dramatically as companies continue to pull back on technology expenditures. With its expertise on how to run revenue, together with its unified Revenue Platform, Clari is uniquely positioned to offer both the playbooks and the platform for overcoming these headwinds.

Today at Charge: The Revenue Summit, Clari unveiled the Revenue Cadence Playbook, a comprehensive blueprint that documents and suggests actions for every revenue moment, as well as several significant enhancements to the Clari Revenue Platform. With Clari Inspect, four new additions to the RevGPT product family, and Clari Copilot, revenue teams can now win every revenue moment through deeper deal inspection, real-time conversation intelligence, and AI assistance for everyone.

“Revenue teams everywhere meet throughout the quarter to strategize and collaborate on make-or-break revenue moments,” said Clari CEO Andy Byrne. “Unfortunately, these moments are often squandered, whether it’s forecast meetings that get mired in arguments over the data, pipeline reviews that careen off-track, or at-risk reviews that focus on the wrong deals. Clari’s Revenue Cadence Playbook and our new platform capabilities are purpose-built to optimize these moments. Now, every company can run revenue as the most rigorous enterprise-wide process.” 

Clari’s Charge Revenue Summit is focused on strategies and best practices for stopping revenue leak, which is revenue that companies have earned but have yet to capture. According to Clari Labs research, revenue leak costs the average company 14.9% in lost revenue on an annual basis. Capturing even a fraction of that revenue can mean the difference between company success and failure, particularly in an economic environment that continues to teeter on the brink of recession. 

New platform capabilities improve strategy, productivity, and selling 

The following new capabilities are available today in the Clari Revenue Platform:

  • Improve revenue strategy with Clari Inspect. In an industry-first, revenue professionals can now inspect their deals, accounts, pipeline, and consumption data — as well as their engagements — at all levels of the business. Clari Inspect is the industry’s only pipeline inspection solution that ingests revenue-critical data from all major data repositories — now including PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Google Sheets, and SQL Server — which means B2B companies of all sizes and business models (subscription, consumption, hybrid, and others) can see comprehensive and granular views of their accounts to drive deals with greater confidence, and boost their velocity and win rate. 
  • Drive new levels of productivity with RevGPT. Revenue teams’ most precious asset is time, yet two-thirds of their time is lost to non-sales activities and busy work. RevGPT is Clari’s purpose-built generative AI solution that acts as an automated chief of staff, turbocharging productivity by providing answers to critical revenue questions and taking actions with unprecedented speed and precision. Introduced in March, RevGPT now provides instant Smart Summaries of sales calls as well as emails in Slack and Clari’s interface, then recommends and automatically manages follow-up actions, like generating and sending a personalized email. In addition, RevGPT sends revenue teams notifications of any significant deal changes.
  • Sell with confidence with real-time conversation intelligence from Clari Copilot. Clari Copilot (formerly Clari Wingman) is designed to help salespeople win every revenue moment with real-time, AI-fueled conversation intelligence. Powered by RevGPT, Copilot now instantly transforms long-form sales enablement content into Smart Battlecards — digestible bullet point cue cards that sellers can use in real time on every call to handle objections or offer the right supporting points to drive deals forward. Insights generated by Clari Copilot integrate with Highspot and can be shared with prospects via Clari Align. In addition, Copilot provides personalized libraries of the most important sales call recordings, which can be shared with internal teams to foster more productive collaboration.

Revenue leaders share strategies and best practices at Charge Summit

The Charge Revenue Summit provided a much-needed forum for the world’s revenue leaders to learn how to apply best practices across their revenue process, and understand how to unify their tech stack on the only platform that is purpose-built to run revenue.

Charge attendees had an opportunity to learn from and network with other business and sales leaders, including Kevin McKeown, chief revenue officer at Beekeeper. “As a competitive runner in high school and college, I translated my learnings about pace and cadence to the job of running revenue,” said McKeown. “The Charge Summit is an invaluable opportunity for the sales community to compare strategies and discuss every part of the race — so when we break the tape we meet or beat our goals, quarter after quarter.”

Panel discussions covered strategies for winning critical moments in the quarterly sales cycle; protecting revenue and stabilizing net dollar retention; accelerating the path to close; and achieving precision in the revenue process. Panelists included speakers from Cisco, Blackstone, Flock Safety, West Delphix, 30 Minutes to President’s Club, Bench Accounting, The Giving Block, ComplyAdvantage, and Forrester Research. 

For more information, download the Revenue Cadence Playbook here, and listen to a replay of the Charge Revenue Summit here.

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