SUNNYVALE, CA -- FEB 18, 2016 -- Clari, the leading end-to-end sales analytics and forecasting solution provider, today announced the availability of Flow Analytics, a simple way sales leaders can know what has changed in their pipeline in order to take action as quickly as possible.

“The smallest adjustment to the sales forecast can make or break a quarter, so when they occur, managers and executives need to know exactly what happened and why to determine the best course of action for the team and the quarter,” said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. “We created Flow Analytics to help provide real-time access and analytics so managers and executives can better understand what is happening with their team and take smart, yet swift action to save or accelerate deals when needed.”

With clean and simple design, Flow Analytics captures opportunities at every stage -- analyzing every win, every loss and every new commit -- in a single view to help arm managers by:

  • Visualizing Changes in Real-Time: For the first time, sales managers and executives are able to see -- at-a-glance -- the state of each and every deal and the overall health of the sales pipeline in real-time. Having this information allows managers to instantly determine the right actions and adjustments to make with the team. When a deal in ‘Best Case’ slips, it’s a setback. When a deal in ‘Commit’ slips, it might be time for some coaching.
  • Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Managers and executives are now able to see the sales flow both forward looking as well as in the past, giving them a complete understanding of the trends and patterns in their forecast and pipeline. For example, managers can now click the ‘Lost’ category and dissect the flow from ‘Pipeline,’ ‘Best Case,’ and ‘Commit’ to visualize patterns, take action to save deals where possible, and reduce future losses.
  • Digging Into the Details and Taking Action: Sales managers and executives can choose what data they see -- from high-level analytics all the way down to the individual deals. Unlike traditional CRM and BI tools, Flow Analytics shows the entire history, data science score, and customer activity, eliminating the guesswork or surprise for sales managers and executives of what deals have changed and why.

“Clari’s Flow Analytics gives me visibility into critical changes in our pipeline and forecast," said Ari Klionsky, VP Sales Operations at Five9. "Despite the hours we used to spend trying to get this critical information, we were never able to deliver it as completely or intuitively as Clari has. There’s no way we could ever go back to our previous experiences. Clari has changed the sales game.”

Clari’s Flow Analytics is available now. Learn more and request a demo at

You can also experience Flow Analytics at EXCEED, the first ever event dedicated to sales operations and sales enablement. Visit for more details on the hands-on learning and sharing event filled with keynote speakers, breakout sessions on topics like data-driven selling and forecasting best practices, as well as fireside chats, roundtables and networking opportunities.