The Future of Forecasting: Insight + Action = $$

Webster Pilcher

Webster Pilcher
Former Employee

The Future of Forecasting: Insight + Action = $$

Your job is to run your region, not observe your region. Make it easier.

Is your forecast a report or an action plan? That’s a serious question. I’ve seen it both ways.

When a forecast is just a roll-up of all the reps’ best guesses — adjusted with “management judgment” — it’s just a report for Finance, or Marketing, or the Exec Staff. Sadly, that describes most forecasts.

Forecasts that are reports are just one more nagging item on your never-ending to-do list. They are part of what you have to do… before you can go out and sell.

What a waste.

Forecasting as an action plan is field intelligence to guide your battle plan. It’s a window into the progress of every deal. A really clean window. At a glance, it shows the status of every deal, real-time changes, advanced analytics on close probability, and exactly what actions — or more often lack of action — is putting a deal at risk.

Insights that don’t lead to action are idle chatter. Your forecast should help you get deals done. It should be your guide to what’s working and what’s not. What’s moving and what’s not. What your team must do to exceed your quarter.

For me, it’s simple. Insights + Action = $$. Let’s start really running our regions… and make some money doing it.

Demand More from Your Forecast

We believe forecasting is changing quickly and dramatically.

Not just the way you forecast, but the entire role of your forecast. We see your forecast evolving from a tedious chore — building a static account list with guesses at revenue — to a sales weapon. We see your forecast being wildly easier to create. We see your forecast providing you visibility into deal progress. We see your forecast providing you data-driven insight into how to close more deals, faster. We see your forecast as your trusted advisor supporting your rep coaching.

If your forecast already delivers all this, you know you’re ahead of the game. And we are your instant fans because we obviously share a vision for the future of forecasting and smarter selling.
If your forecast is a spreadsheet roll-up of yesterday’s estimates or if your forecast is not giving you insight into deal progress, at-risk deals, and recommended next steps, then your revenue can be greater and your life can be better and easier.

Just give us 30 minutes. We’ll show you the future of forecasting. And here is a forecast you can trust: when you see Clari, you will know it represents how forecasting will be done in the future. You may not decide to take the leap now, but you will know you’re looking at the future.
But just so you know, we’re ready. So that future can be your now.

This wraps up my The Future of Forecasting blog series. Want to learn more? Download the eBook!

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