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The Forecast: 4 Revenue-Maximizing Strategies

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Challenges inspire innovation. The quick switch to all-remote offices may have stunned the workplace, but top revenue leaders have used this time to create new pathways to growth for their teams, and their industries.

In the second season of The Forecast, Clari’s video series for revenue leaders by revenue leaders, experts share their experiences growing into new markets and supporting their teams with lessons applicable to now.

  • Daniella Bellaire, head of sales North America for Shopify, discusses scaling her remote sales team.
  • Ajay Agarwal, partner at Bain Capital, outlines a roadmap for shifting upmarket.
  • Alyssa Merwin, vice president of sales solutions for LinkedIn, explains how leadership development drives employee engagement.
  • Steve Singh, managing director of Madrona Ventures, explores intentional decision making when it comes to international growth.

Scaling a Completely Remote Sales Team

Earlier this year, Shopify announced its commitment to being a digital by design company—meaning that most of their team members will continue working remotely after social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Daniella Bellaire, Shopify’s head of sales North America, has reimagined the way that her sales team operates in this new environment and shares her innovative strategies for continued growth in an all-virtual world.

Key Strategies for Evolving Upmarket

Some of the most successful B2B companies in the world started by servicing smaller customers, then grew into landing large enterprise deals. Dropbox, Zoom, and Marketo are just a few.

In this episode, Ajay Agarwal of Bain Capital Partners shares the path companies can take to make their move upmarket with key insights about how to segment deals for maximum efficiency and forecast accuracy.

Maximizing Revenue Through Leadership Development

Leadership development has become one of the most critical ways that companies can grow their revenue by individual.

LinkedIn’s vice president of sales solutions, Alyssa Merwin, unpacks critical data about how leadership development directly impacts the effectiveness of sales reps, and ultimately drives revenue growth.

Expanding to New Geographies the Right Way

Evolving into new geographic territories is a top strategic move for some companies, many of which will take an ineffective broad-based approach.

Madrona Venture Group’s managing director, Steve Singh, explains how leaders should be intentional about their decisions to expand into new markets and laser focused on specific success benchmarks before they make the move.

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